200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – our next curriculum year starts September, 2017

Since 2009, Sunrise Yoga Studio has provided Clemmons, Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities with the opportunity to learn not just yoga, but what it takes to become a yoga instructor.

Our 200-Hour Teacher Training Program consists of ten weekends scheduled during hours (Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays) to minimize disruption to the regular workweek. The next curriculum year will begin September, 2017.

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  • Friday, July 14 @ 6 – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, August 13 @ 1 – 2:30 pm

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What you’ll study

Working with an alignment-based approach to yoga, our 200-hour teacher trainees learn:

  • Essentials of Hatha Yoga: Asana, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation practices
  • Principles and practices of alignment-based yoga
  • Biomechanics of yoga’s fundamental postures
  • Anatomy and physiology for the yoga instructor – what you need to know in order to teach safely and effectively
  • How to use props – provided during your training – to make yoga postures accessible to all body types with all levels of experience
  • The essence of yoga’s ancient and modern texts, from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to Iyengar’s Light on Yoga
  • How to handle common medical issues your student may face
  • Ayurveda and Chakras as accompaniments to yoga

The classroom experience

Each weekend session incorporates a variety of topics and always includes asana practice to accompany the material covered.  In addition, during each weekend session students will discuss and learn:

  • How to incorporate yoga anatomy and philosophy into the teaching process
  • Principles of verbal and hands-on adjustment techniques
  • Managing the classroom and the variety of students who come with it
  • How to create an effective lesson plan and how to teach it with confidence
  • How to modify or substitute alternate postures for students with health or medical issues
  • Meditation, chanting and mudras to support other yoga practices

To further prepare you for your teaching journey, classroom exercises provide students with the opportunity to practice teach, observe the techniques of other teachers, and learn how to communicate clearly with your students.

Are you ready?

Entrance requirements for the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program:

  • All abilities and ages (over 18) are welcome!
  • Ability to do certain poses or practice at an advanced level is NOT required
  • You do NOT need to be planning a teaching career!  Those who simply want to learn on a deeper level are encouraged to attend even if they do not plan to teach.
  • A minimum one-year prior yoga experience preferred
  • Personal interview to explore your interest, yoga background, and current knowledge of yoga
  • Attendance in at least one class with Valerie or a Teacher Training Open House at Sunrise Yoga Studio.

If you are looking for a place to explore the teacher side of the yoga classroom, or if you simply want to enhance your personal knowledge of yoga, our 200-Hour Teaching Training Program has a place for you.  Although not all of our graduates choose to teach, they all go on to a more authentic and meaningful understanding of the principles and practices of yoga.

Sunrise Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance.  Our graduates are entitled to register their teaching credentials with Yoga Alliance.

Faculty of the program

See the list of accomplished teachers of the program

“The Sunrise Yoga Studio 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program has met and exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality and scope of the course. From the required reading materials to the asana practices in class and the discussions about yoga anatomy, philosophy and teaching methodology, the program provides a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to become a yoga instructor. The learning environment is both friendly and supportive and the student quickly learns not only how good a teacher Valerie is, but also how passionate, caring and encouraging she is as well. Just a great program!”

Neal Haberman, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2015

“Thanks to the Teacher Training Program I now understand that yoga is a way of life, not just an asana practice. Lessons were many; most importantly the inspiration to learn more, learn it correctly and share with others was most valuable to me.”

Diann Boyette, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2015

“My year in the Sunrise Yoga Studio 200YTT program has been filled with some of the best and most challenging times in my life. The program didn’t just make me a better instructor it has made me a better human. Thank you Valerie and the 200 YTT class of 2015!”

Brittany Wilson, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2015

“This program has afforded me a comprehensive, methodical, in-depth approach to teaching yoga. Valerie is a wealth of knowledge, & generously offers it to anyone with a drive to learn! I am a much more confident & skilled teacher these days, & wouldn’t trade a moment of this experience!”

Susannah Cecil, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2014

“I have enjoyed the YTT program very much! The program provides a structured, well-organized method to learn more about yoga — the asanas, the anatomy, and the philosophy — all in great detail with an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. Valerie is enthusiastically willing to share her expertise with others and is very creative in her instruction and endless with patience for her students. I have also enjoyed my fellow students on this journey — the discussions and insights shared are invaluable. It is very stimulating to be with others who are curious and open to learning. Yoga and reflection from this YTT program have provided me with many, many common threads & experiences that are guiding my life, my choices, and my attitude. And I am grateful.”

Jenny Mitze, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2014

“Yoga is a lifetime journey. It is not a means to an end. It is an experience to be lived and to be practiced in all aspect of one’s life. I believe that yoga has saved me from a life of desiring more, bigger, better, newer, shinier, flashier, and has taught me to be aware and more appreciative of what I already have. This teacher-training program has taught me to take mindfulness off the mat and into the world. This has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life.”

Jen Teague, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2014

“The 200-Hour Teacher Training Program at Sunrise Yoga with Valerie Kiser has been a very physical, emotional and educational journey in Yoga. Valerie is an enthusiastic, warm, truly caring instructor with humor; which is evident throughout the entire 200 hours of training. I have learned so much about yoga and myself through this wonderful program that I want to continue on with the lifelong education of yoga at Sunrise Yoga with Valerie.”

Sally Bolin, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2013

“The Sunrise Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training has meant more to me than I had hoped. Valerie is a great teacher and covers so many facets of yoga. The instruction and material have helped me to understand why the practice of yoga has been so important in my life. It is a great gift to yourself for growth and happiness, besides getting to spend time with a lot of great people. There is a calmness and sense of tranquility surrounding Sunrise Yoga and now I understand why.”

Frances Hayes, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2013

“This 200-Hour Teacher Training program has been excellent. I have met so many wonderful people, learned so much and improved my strength and flexibility in the process. Valerie is a wonderful teacher and the program is very well organized and all encompassing – anatomy, asana, teaching, philosophy, pranayama and meditation.”

Jane Reed, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2013 & current participant in the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program

“The 200-Hour Teacher Training Program at Sunrise Yoga Studio is not only a convenient and affordable way to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher program, but it is absolutely an incredible experience and journey in the practice of yoga. Exploring yoga beyond the mat awakens your mind, body, and soul and this program will help guide you toward achieving personal growth on and off the yoga mat. Valerie’s knowledge of yoga practice and lifestyle is in-depth and her ability to teach with patience and understanding the individual needs of each student makes this program well worth the time and effort. In addition, the Sunrise Yoga Studio is very clean, well equipped, and promotes a peaceful and relaxing environment.”

Myron Coulson, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2013

“The 200-Hour Teacher Training program has enriched my yoga practice both on and off the mat. For years my practice was strictly physical. Learning the history and philosophy of yoga has expanded my practice in ways I had not intended. I find myself incorporating the non-physical practices in my everyday life. I am more centered, more present, even when I am not practicing yoga postures. Valerie is extremely knowledgeable and presents the material in this program in an organized, orderly fashion. Her patience with and attentiveness to her students is evidence of her deep understanding and personal practice of yoga. The guest instructors are also very knowledgeable in their respective fields. Anyone who is interested in learning more about their yoga practice should consider the Enrichment Program or the Teacher Training Programs.

Yoga has changed me by bringing to light how much more fulfilling life is when lived with awareness. I am more grateful, mindful, compassionate, loving, happy, patient, energetic, motivated, centered, content, honest, grounded… I am just more.”

Jessica Rymarchyk, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“I think the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program at Sunrise Yoga is wonderful! Only after completing the course do you get an idea of how much thought, time and preparation must have gone into creating such a thorough program (and I still probably have no idea).

The amount of information Valerie successfully conveyed to the students could have been overwhelming, but it wasn’t at all. I really feel like I got so much more than I could have hoped for out of this class. I absolutely would recommend (and have to three people so far) the Teacher Training Program at Sunrise Yoga Studio. I hope I can recommend the 300-Hour Teacher Training Program one day as well!

Thanks for sharing your time, energy, and knowledge.”

April Liner, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2013Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Sunrise Yoga Studio is a tremendous opportunity to delve deeper into the practice of yoga. Whether you want to teach or become more serious about your practice, the teacher training program offers exposure to many aspects of yoga. It’s an invaluable journey!”

Cindy Wald, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“The 200-hour yoga training program gave me a greater understanding of the fundamental concepts of yoga. I did not enter the program with any intention of teaching. I wanted a better understanding of Yoga. Through the program, I was able to understand why Yoga works and why I need it.”

Kimberly Cruz, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2013

“The Sunrise Yoga Teacher training program has been a phenomenal experience. The information provided over the last 12 months has not only taken my own practice to a whole new level, but it has also provided me with the knowledge and confidence to teach yoga – and to teach it well. The whole process has been very rewarding and I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in understanding Yoga on a deeper level.”

Leslie Newsome, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2012

“Signing up for the Sunrise Yoga Teacher Training program was the best thing I ever did. I’d taken other ‘workshops’ and training but none gave me as much information and practice as this program. Valerie was very encouraging – honoring students’ individual needs but still guiding them to a better knowledge of yoga. As a teacher, I felt I needed something deeper and more comprehensive. This 200RYS program provided it all – history, philosophy, anatomy and pose breakdown. Plus we gained valuable resources in our books, articles and homework that I can carry into all my future teaching. Highly recommend this program. Plus the format – 12 weekends over the course of a year – allows you to have a ‘life’.”

Michelle Stevens, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2012

“My 200RYT gave me so much more knowledge about the practice, about yoga than I ever expected! Valerie, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your commitment and dedication to the TT program.”

Jennifer Moller, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2012

“I began the teacher training program hoping that I would become a better teacher. While that has occurred, I have also become a better person in the process. The discovery that takes place during this program goes so much further than postures and alignment. Valerie is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge is wide and deep. Her style is compassionate. Each month one finds oneself wishing that teacher training was every weekend and not just one weekend per month. I encourage anyone interested in self-growth and development to participate in this program. And, by the way…it’s a lot of fun!”

Diana James, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“A little over a year ago I started looking into Teacher Training programs in the area. I wanted to learn more about yoga to strengthen my at home practice and to eventually start teaching. I was so excited to find Sunrise Yoga and immediately started taking classes. It only took a few classes with Valerie for me to make my decision to sign up for the Teacher Training Program and I have been so grateful ever since. Valerie’s deep understanding of the postures and anatomy is so clear in how she is able to teach proper alignment. Not only does she share her knowledge of the postures, but also yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama and how to incorporate all of these to create a well-balanced practice. The weekends are well planned out and I am always amazed by how much I learn and how I leave there still excited to learn more. Thanks so much to Valerie for offering this program. It has been a truly positive learning experience for me and I feel like I have grown so much not only by her teachings but also by getting to know the other students in the program.”

Melissa Leak, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2011

“I originally enrolled in the Enrichment Program to increase my personal knowledge of yoga. At that time, I had no intention of teaching, and no plans to complete the entire yoga university curriculum. Times change. I quickly become enamored with the program and simply couldn’t give up my weekends of this training. Not only have I learned a lot about yoga – the history, the philosophy, the postures, the physiology – I have learned a lot about myself. And if that weren’t enough, the camaraderie with fellow students has been warm and wonderful since day one. I still don’t know if I will teach in the future, but I do know that Sunrise Yoga Teacher Training has already created positive change not just in my yoga practice, but also in my life. Thanks, Valerie, for creating this platform for personal growth.”

Cathy Howe, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“Valerie’s breadth of knowledge is exemplary. She has broadened my awareness of so many aspects of yoga. I feel very inspired to continue to experience yoga more deeply and fully.”

Gwendolyn McLaughlin, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“My hope was that I could deepen my personal yoga practice and learn some “new tricks” to use in my work as a physical therapist. Now, at 6 months into the training, the program has far surpassed my expectations. I have enjoyed the guest speakers and workshops. Meeting and becoming friends with other participants. What a great group!”

Emily Powell, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2010

“I would recommend it to anyone – whether they are interested in teaching or just learning more about yoga history, philosophy and postures I’m the type of person who needs a structured environment with a syllabus (and homework!) in order to effectively learn. Thanks to Valerie I am delving so much deeper into my yoga practice than I could ever be able to do own my own. She is a very compassionate teacher and has her student’s well-being in mind when creating the class schedule, structure and workload – thus making the program accessible for most people. If you are interested in deepening your yoga practice and enriching your life, then this is for you.”

Lisa Tate, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2010

“I have been practicing Yoga for a few years and have reached a place where I felt a need to go deeper, develop my practice further not only physically, but also spiritually and philosophically. The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Sunrise Yoga has provided the perfect environment to achieve just that. Since enrolling in the program my practice has matured and has become more rich and fulfilling. I have gained a great understanding of each pose studied and its effects on human anatomy, physiology and mind. I feel that I will be exceptionally prepared to teach Yoga confidently and safely. Valerie has created very open and welcoming environment at Sunrise Yoga which attracted students from various walks of life. This unique setting promotes deep and inspiring discussions and allows for self-reflection and self-study. After every weekend spent at the studio I leave an enriched person and feel that I can offer so much more to my community and my future students. The weekends always pass so fast and at the end of each one I always wish Sunrise Yoga was an Ashram where I could study for weeks at a time.”

Anna Misior, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher