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Research Indicates Yoga May Ease the Discomfort of RLS

Aging Gracefully Yoga Class

At Sunrise Yoga, we believe many health issues can be relieved through the practice of yoga. Under the “About Yoga” tab on the web site (, we discuss how yoga therapy applies the physical practice of yoga, often including meditation and breathing practice, to health conditions. These conditions range from shoulder and back pain and high blood pressure to fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and more. It doesn’t replace your current doctors, treatments, and medications. Instead, it works alongside them.

Recent news from a pilot study published in the June 2013 issue of the Journal of Alternative Medicine seems to indicate that yoga may also be beneficial for those who suffer from RLS . . . restless leg syndrome. This neurological disorder is identified by strong urges to move the legs, with symptoms worsening at night or during periods of rest.

To quote from an article published in YogaUOnline, “Some evidence of a dose-response relationship was found, with higher ratings of symptom relief being related to more minutes and greater frequency of daily practice.” Additionally, “These initial studies are encouraging as they suggest that consistent, gentle yoga practice may help to reduce symptoms and improve sleep quality, mood and perceived stress for women with RLS.” You can read the entire article at Yoga for RLS.

Even if you don’t suffer from RLS or other health conditions, yoga can be beneficial for improved sleep and relaxation. Let us know if you would like more information on adding yoga techniques to your routine.

Are You a Gmail User? If so, please read this important information!

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Gmail made a big change recently. Gmail will be sending list emails, such as those you receive from Sunrise Yoga, directly to a new folder called “Promotions”. This means you will no longer see Sunrise Yoga emails in your inbox.

Not to worry though…there is an easy fix!

Simply go to the Promotions tab and find a recent email from ‘me’ ( Drag it to your primary folder, click “YES” when the pop up asks if you want to receive future emails from Valerie. You should be all set and you will continue to get great articles and information about yoga and Sunrise Yoga Studio!

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Clemmons Life Magazine Features Articles About Sunrise Yoga!


Legs Up the Wall in Clemmons Life August 2013 by Valerie Kiser

Legs Up the Wall in Clemmons Life August 2013 by Valerie Kiser

The latest issue of Clemmons Life magazine features Sunrise Yoga multiple times!  First, on page 9, is coverage of our wonderful 10th Anniversary event (where you raised $1,100 and much needed supplies for the SECU Family House) and Liz Redding demonstrating her yoga pose.  Page 28 features photos of the 10th Anniversary celebration including photos of our own Valerie Kiser and Becky Hieter.  And the best part is an article on the “Legs Up the Wall” pose written by Valerie!  You can read the magazine online at

Thank You for Voting Us Winston-Salem Journal’s Readers Choice . . . Again!

Winston-Salem Journal's Readers Choice 2013

The Winston-Salem Journal’s Readers Choice contest is a wrap! Your votes in past years have put us at the top in the Yoga Studio category and your votes this year put us at the top again!

Valerie Kiser with Bill Benbow of the Winston-Salem Journal

Valerie Kiser with Bill Benbow of the Winston-Salem Journal

Bill Benbow,from the Journal, pictured here with Valerie, stopped by this past week to share the good news and to let us know the winner’s list would be in the paper in the near future.


Smitty's Notes The Best of Winston-Salem 2013Your voting also pushed us to the Honorable Mention level in the Smitty’s Notes contest!

We are very appreciative of your support and we will continue to work hard to remain the best, not for contest voting purposes, but because we truly want to be the best as perceived by our students!

Strike A Pose, Win Good Stuff!

Strike A Pose Contest

Strike a pose …

We would love to know that you are practicing yoga on your summer vacation! Send us a snapshot of you in your favorite pose & we will enter you into one or two drawings.

Not going out of town? No problem! Take a photo of you practicing in the front yard, in a local park, or anywhere else fun.

To enter, post to our Facebook Page at or email to for us to post online. We will accept entries through September 2.

All photos will be entered into a “Traveling Yogi Gift Basket” drawing. You could win a basket full of items valued at $65 (bag, mug, eye bag, home practice CD, and strap).

Bonus! Wear your Sunrise Yoga 10th Anniversary T-shirt in the photo & we’ll enter you into a second drawing for a 6-class card or 1-hour private with Valerie (value = $78). Get your very own T-shirt at the studio for only $15!

Thank you, Fran Gordon, for sharing this information!

Thank you to 500-Hour Teacher Training student and a regular at Sunrise Yoga, Fran Gordon, for sharing the following information:

Curious about the Yoga Sutras? What about reading them from a heart-centered perspective?

Nischala Joy Devi is the first woman to translate the Yoga Sutras from just such a viewpoint with her book, The Secret Power of Yoga.

Originally trained in Western medicine and having spent over 25 years as a monastic disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda, Nischala established yoga programs at The Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease and co-founded the award-winning Commonweal Cancer Help Program.

BrightStar spoke with Nischala about the Divine Feminine focus she brings to all her work, from treating patients who’ve suffered from heart attacks & cancer to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual journey.


The Secret Power of Yoga