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The Many Ways Yoga & Meditation Connect

You have seen and heard many times that yoga is about connecting or creating the union of mind, body and spirit. At Sunrise Yoga, we want to serve as your guide, your resource, as well as your place, for making your journey to this sense of harmony.

We offer many classes and workshops specifically directed at meditation, but meditation is often not thought of as yoga, so what is the connection?  As the states, Although you don’t need to formally meditate in order to practice hatha yoga—nor is the practice of hatha yoga mandatory in order to meditate—the two practices support each another.”  And, just as hatha yoga and yoga instructors have many different styles, there are many different ways to learn about and to practice meditation, the art of reaching a greater state of awareness.  Meditation, like yoga, also involves the mind, the body and the spirit.

Meditation classes are offered fairly frequently at Sunrise Yoga.  This month, we have expanded the meditation opportunities with some great workshops . . . each with its own style . . . because we want you to learn about the many wonderful benefits of a meditation practice.  All of these workshops are returning by request and raise the awareness of these benefits!  And, wouldn’t it be great to feel less stress, have greater focus, and, again quoting, to realize that You are not meditating to get anything, but rather to look at and let go of anything you do not need.”

Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Workshop, July 12th, at Sunrise Yoga Studio in Clemmons

Cindy Dollar & Susan Grant


First up this month is our Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Workshop with Cindy Dollar & Susan Grant. This class can be an introduction to mindfulness meditation for those who are new to meditation as well as an opportunity for the experienced meditator to enhance existing knowledge.  The workshop takes place this Saturday, July 12th, from 1:00-5:00 pm at a cost of $70 per person.  Register online or through the studio.




Mindfulness Meditation & Movement with Anna Leisa Schuh at Sunrise Yoga in Clemmons

Anna Leisa Schuh


Beginning Saturday, July 19th, Anna Leisa Schuh will lead a four-week Mindfulness Meditation & Movement workshop from 1:00-2:30 pm each Saturday through August 9th.  Cost per person is $115 (or $110 if before July 14, 2014!).  This series will focus on altering the individual’s relationship to physical and emotional stress.  Register online or through the studio.




Gong Meditation with Bill Smith at Sunrise Yoga Studio, Clemmons

Bill Smith


And we round out our July meditation workshops with Gong Meditation with percussionist, Bill Smith, Friday, July 25th from 6:00-7:00 pm. This sound immersion session creates a tranquil state of mind and relaxation through the vibrations from gongs and bells.  Cost per person is $15 (or $12 if before July 23rd!).  Register online or through the studio.




Join us in one or all of these wonderful opportunities to add or enhance the practice of meditation as part of your journey!  Questions?  Call the studio at 336-778-1233.


Strike A Pose is Back! Send in Your Photos!

Fran Gordon, Anna Misior, Strike A Pose, Sunrise Yoga, Clemmons

Fran Gordon & Anna Misior

Thank you to Fran Gordon and Anna Misior for kicking off the entries for our Summer 2014 Strike A Pose Drawing!  Fran and Anna were attending Anna’s white coat ceremony in her quest for becoming a physician’s assistant!

Send us your photos of you in a yoga pose and we will enter your name into a drawing for a $25 Sunrise Yoga Boutique Gift Certificate!  Entries accepted through July 31, 2014.  Be sure to include your name, the pose and the location of the photo. Entries can be emailed to or posted on our Facebook page.