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Thu., Feb. 26 evening & Fri., Feb. 27classes

We are open!  The snow in the parking lot has melted and the sidewalks were salted.  The Intro to Yoga and the Level 2 classes will be held as normal.  If you are an Intro to Yoga student, look for an email shortly with more information.  Stay safe & hope to see you on the mat!

Friday, February 27: The 9:30 Level 2 class is cancelled; the 10:00-11:30 Level 1 class will be held.

Thursday, Feb. 26 schedule update

Morning classes are cancelled (Chair Yoga & Back Care Yoga).  Stay tuned for a decision about classes tonight.  Tell us what you are doing today or share your photos on our Facebook page!

Warming Poses for Cold Days

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If you’re like many of us this week, you’ve gotten tired of dealing with the unusually cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing. It can be hard to even get motivated to walk to the car when the cold hurts your face! In the midst of these frigid temps, there is something that we can do to help warm ourselves. Restorative yoga teacher Sonya Sanmateu says “maintaining a regular practice during the winter helps to warm up the body to avoid stiffness, stagnant energy, and lethargy”. She created a 9-pose sequence for Yoga Journal which includes:
Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Eye of the Needle Pose
Child’s Pose
Low Lunge
Warrior II
Wide-Legged Forward Bend
Bound Angle Pose
Pigeon Pose
Corpse Pose

For more details on this sequence and the poses, see the full article here:
Winter Slow Flow:  9 Warming Poses

Stay Warm and Do Yoga!

Wed. & Thurs. 2/18 and 2/19 weather update

  • Valerie will teach an All Levels class at 6-7:30 pm on Wednesday, 2/18
  • Kim’s Level 1 class is cancelled on Wednesday, 2/18
  • The Chair Yoga class is cancelled on Thursday, 2/19
  • We plan to resume a regular schedule after that!

Wed. Feb. 18 morning class

The 9:30 am Level 3 class is canceled – most of the students surveyed said they weren’t planning to attend. Safe warm & we’ll see you at another class soon.

Raga and Dvesa For Everyday Life

Many of you have heard me speak of the yogic concepts of Raga (attachment) and Dvesa (aversion). For some, especially those who are fairly new to yoga, those concepts can seem vague and somewhat hard to understand. But, as an integral part of the yogic philosophy – and our daily lives – they are important notions for us to consider.
In fact, I remember times that I’ve personally experienced both.
On a Saturday evening after finishing a Walk for Wishes fundraiser, I was leaving Tanglewood Park with my two tired dogs and Christy Hamrick. When we turned onto highway 158, both Christy and I gasped – “The moon!” It was low in the night sky, a huge glowing ball surrounded by clouds and an incredible sight to see. I remember thinking “wow, wouldn’t it be great for the moon to always look like that.” You see, I immediately formed an attachment (Raga) to how beautiful the moon was on that particular evening and wanted it to always look that way!
The next morning I drove my husband to the airport at a very early hour, so early in fact that the moon was still visible in the morning sky. This time, however, it looked like a giant crystal ball hanging in the clear blue horizon. It was an incredible sight to see….
So you see, if my desire to always have a “Saturday night moon” had been realized – if I had maintained my attachment to it – I would have missed the beauty of the next morning. Lesson learned.
My lesson in Dvesa (aversion) came in the form of a business issue that disappointed and angered me. I wanted to push the experience away because I didn’t quite know how to respond to it, and that only increased my frustration. But, after letting the dust settle for a few days, I realized that the situation contained a good lesson in how to become a better business owner.
And how about situations in which both Raga (our “likes”) and Dvesa (our “dislikes”) are simultaneously at play. For example, during the Walk for Wishes, the Sunrise Yoga group got separated. While I disliked the separation because I had hoped to spend time with everyone, I liked the opportunity to talk at greater length with a smaller group of friends.
The Yoga Sutras say that attachments and aversions can create suffering. While on the roller coaster of these events, I can better understand what Patanjali meant. I know these life lessons will continue to present themselves, and I hope to become more fully present in each instance and able to see them for what they are.