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New class series! Yoga for Menopause



If you search the internet for information about managing the “symptoms” of menopause, you will find no shortage of resources, recommendations and ‘prescriptions’ for navigating the transition from the reproductive to the post-reproductive years in a woman’s life.

But calling the side effects of menopause “symptoms”, as we often do, is to classify it as something that needs to be cured, circumvented or ‘fixed’ when in fact it is simply a natural progression in the female life cycle. Nevertheless menopause can be fraught with uncomfortable side effects as the body shifts from one life stage to the next. For many women, yoga can help.

But what if you have never done yoga, and don’t know where to start? What if your days of youthful athleticism are far behind you, or never occurred at all? What if you don’t know a downward facing dog from a stray cat, or haven’t ‘touched your toes’ in years? What then?

Yoga for Menopause is the right class for you. The six-week series is designed for the woman whose menopausal experience is either on the horizon, in progress, on the wane, or completely ‘over’. Yoga for Menopause will explore poses that are designed for beginners – regardless of physical prowess – and that can help soothe the discomfort of menopause and promote the overall health of the reproductive system.

Class size will be small to allow for the comfortable exploration of this very personal side of a woman’s life journey. Learn simple yoga postures that can help you manage the hot flashes, irritability and lack of mental focus that can be part of the menopause experience. Let yoga help you more comfortably cross the threshold to a new and rewarding stage of life.

Time: Tuesday evenings from 6 – 7 p.m.
Dates: June 2 – July 7
Cost: $75 for the series

A minimum number of students is required for the class to be held; class size is limited.

Please, no refunds, exchanges, or transfers.

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Awakening Vital Energy: Healing with the Chakras workshop


Saturday, May 30 * 1-3 p.m.
Registration= $20 by May 23, $25 after

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Join us for this informative workshop led by Beverly Isley-Landreth. In Eastern healing traditions, the chakras are seven energy centers located along the spine that regulate health and consciousness. In this transformational workshop, you’ll learn simple techniques to balance and align your energy centers that can create a greater sense of calmness and ease in your life.

The workshop will be highly experiential, including interacting with the chakras through meditation, movement activities, and hands-on chakras exercises.

Topics will include:
* How an out-of-balance chakra manifests in the body/mind
* Healing the chakras
* Meditations with chakras

About our instructor:
Beverly Isley-Landreth MDiv, ThM, CHTP is a clinical chaplain in private practice, who utilizes Guided Meditation and Chi Kung with divers patient groups around issues related to pain management, grief, depression, and spiritual direction. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, and teaches Tai Chi/Chi Kung as a partner in Three Treasures Tai Chi in Winston-Salem.