300-hour Yoga Teacher Training:  Now enrolling – apply today!

Sunrise Yoga is pleased to offer a 300-Hour Teacher Training certification program accredited by Yoga Alliance.   Here’s how it works:

Once you have successfully completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200-Hour Teacher Training Program, either at Sunrise Yoga or elsewhere, you can continue your studies in the 300-Hour Program at Sunrise Yoga.  Upon successful completion of that, graduates can then register as a 500-Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.

You can enroll in the 300-Hour Teacher Training program right away. The 300-Hour curriculum is designed like a wheel – you can jump on at any time. Just complete ten distinct weekend study sessions at Sunrise Yoga within a maximum six-year period.  Each of the ten-weekend sessions covers a unique, required topic and is repeated every other year, allowing students flexibility in completing the program.  The minimum amount of time to complete the program, and the most popular approach, is two years.

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  • Friday, July 14 @ 6 – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, August 13 @ 1 – 2:30 pm

In addition to ten-weekend sessions at Sunrise Yoga, students are required to attend outside workshops, offered locally, by nationally renowned instructors Elise Browning-Miller (Yoga for Scoliosis), Nicolai Bachman (Sanskrit as the Language of Yoga), Julie Gudmestad and others.  A teaching practicum is also required for graduation.

The 300-Hour Teacher Training Program is an opportunity to expand your knowledge of Hatha Yoga traditions and yogic lifestyle and practices.  Students take an in-depth look at a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Yoga asana – from the basics to the more challenging postures
  • Pranayama, meditation and mudras as part of the practice of yoga
  • The evolution of yoga in the modern western world – from ancient texts to contemporary writings
  • The anatomical basis for the practice of yoga
  • The history and philosophy of yoga
  • Ayurveda and chakras and their role in the yoga lifestyle
  • Modifications for keeping your students safe and promoting optimal health

Are you ready?

If you have completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program and would like to move to the next level, then the 300-Hour program is right for you.

Entrance requirements for the 300-Hour Teacher Training Program:

  • Successful completion of a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program, from any YA accredited studio
  • All abilities and ages (over 18) are welcome!
  • Ability to do certain poses or practice at an advanced level is NOT required
  • You do NOT need to be planning a teaching career!  Those who simply want to learn on a deeper level are encouraged to attend even if they do not plan to teach.
  • Personal interview with Valerie Kiser, Director of the teacher training program (Valerie’s current Sunrise Yoga students are exempt)
  • Attendance in at least one class with Valerie or a Teacher Training Open House at Sunrise Yoga Studio (Valerie’s current Sunrise Yoga students are exempt).

Your teaching credentials are important – they let your potential students know that you have studied yoga in-depth as preparation for teaching, and enable you to guide your students with authority and authenticity. More important, however, is the way in which this intensive approach to study can bring positive and profound change to the lives of all who undertake it.

Sunrise Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance.  Our graduates are entitled to register their teaching credentials with Yoga Alliance.

See the list of accomplished teachers of the program

“Even if you have no plans to teach yoga, embarking on the 300-hour teacher training program is a journey well worth taking. It is a journey of self-discovery, a journey of learning the subtleties of the asanas, the wisdoms of the Sutras, and the power of the breath. You will also form a bond with your classmates that is profound and one that I still miss having completed the program in April 2014. But the best part is spending time with Valerie! You will have the opportunity to learn from her wisdom, her experience, her compassion, her warmth, her expertise, and her humor. All of this and more is in a totally accepting and nonjudgmental atmosphere. And by the way, it is really fun!”

Fran Gordon, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“After completing Sunrise Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program in 2014, I knew I wanted to continue studying with Valerie.  I enrolled in the 300-hour program in January 2014 and graduated in 2016.  The advanced training delved deeper into the topics covered in the 200-hour program.  Asana was practiced and studied, and the assisting and adjusting portion was focused on more subtle aspects.  The 300-hour program spent more time on meditation, pranayama, restorative and Yoga Nidra, as well as history and philosophy.  Guest teachers, workshops, homework and observation requirements supplemented the weekend modules.  I felt the 200-hour program prepared me very well for teaching the basics, and the 300-hour program enhanced my knowledge and has prepared me for teaching more advanced classes.  Valerie’s knowledge, experience, and ability to teach to both long-time teachers and those who have no desire to teach speaks volumes to her own practice, understanding, and passion for yoga.  She is enthusiastic, supportive, and stays up to date with her own continuing education, which she regularly shares with her teacher training students and the students who attend her classes.  I cannot say enough great things about Valerie Kiser and Sunrise Yoga’s Teacher Training programs.

Jessie Rymarchyk, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“Whether you are thinking about teaching yoga, now or in the future, or wanting to deepen your understanding of yoga in all aspects, this training will enrich your life in many ways. It’s about much more than poses on the mat. It’s about how you live your life and interact with the world.”

Gayle Anderson, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2015 & current participant in the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program

“I took my first yoga class five years ago and knew it was something I wanted to do the rest of my life. Two years ago I was in class with my yoga teacher, Mark McCullough. As he was walking around the room teaching us, I was admiring his enthusiasm and energy that he had for teaching yoga. His attitude and love for yoga inspired me to become a yoga teacher. In that moment I saw myself walking around teaching yoga. Every time I went to yoga class I saw myself teaching yoga. I would imagine things that I might say to my students if I were the teacher.
So I looked up Yoga schools on the Internet and found Sunrise Yoga Studio.
I called the studio to meet with Valerie. She called me back 10 minutes later. I was immediately impressed with Valerie after our first conversation. She was warm, welcoming, friendly and professional. After my first class with Valerie, I signed up for the Teacher Training Program. I had found my mentor.

I am thrilled and honored to have Valerie Kiser as my mentor. I enjoyed the teacher-training program immensely. I plan to continue to study with Valerie. I am going on to the 300-Hour program and would encourage anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher to come to Sunrise Yoga Studio for the Teacher Training Program.”

Julie Dunton, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2013 & current participant in the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program

“This was the best training I ever went to. Having the course spread over the year allowed for everything to really sink in. It also allowed me to continue all my other responsibilities in life. I was always disappointed with other trainings because I felt they just skimmed the surface on anatomy, philosophy and the spiritual side of yoga. In this training we dug deep, and I felt like I was finally satisfied. I learned so much and can’t wait for the 300-hour program.”

Sarah Bulluck, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2012 & current participant in the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program

“Teacher Training started out like yoga camp for adults and has deepened into questioning and creative experimentation with my yoga practice. It has challenged me to pay closer attention to the way I am practicing off the yoga mat in the other areas of my daily life. Encouragement is balanced with detailed instruction. Both the teacher training yoginis and Sunrise Yoga community are helpful and supportive of the learning process.”

Christy Hamrick, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program graduate of 2011 & current participant in the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program

“When I first heard of Sunrise Yoga and Valerie’s 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training program there was one week left before the registration deadline. I had been looking for a program for about 6 months and had traveled as far as 150 miles away from Winston-Salem in search of the right fit, but nothing clicked. I took one class with Valerie and knew well before savasana that she was the real deal. At the time, it just felt right, but since then, I’ve come to understand why I had that immediate feeling. Valerie’s teaching is grounded in extensive training, practice, and education and is accentuated/enhanced/enriched by her sincere and open heart. These qualities shine though in every class Valerie teaches. Valerie knows her stuff. She has educated herself on yogic philosophy, human anatomy, and teaching methodology. She gives every student (no matter how large the class) individual attention. And she’s funny. OK, she’s short. No one’s perfect. But if you want to learn to teach yoga from an extraordinary teacher who takes both her practice and her classes very seriously, or you’d like to deepen your personal yoga practice, I can’t recommend Valerie’s Teacher Training Program highly enough. Valerie is not only meticulous with her knowledge of alignment and anatomy, she also embraces the philosophy behind why impersonating a warrior or camel truly matters. She teaches from experience, by example, and from her heart. Not to mention she is incredibly well organized and always prepared. Who could ask for more in a teacher?

Reasons to consider Valerie’s Teacher Training Program:

  • Valerie is meticulous in her knowledge of alignment and anatomy.
  • Valerie gives every student personalized attention.
  • Valerie shows genuine concern for and interest in the teaching (and learning) of her students.
  • Valerie is compassionate.
  • Valerie has a great sense of humor.
  • Valerie’s deep personal practice shines through in her teaching.
  • I don’t have to take vacation time from work to participate in her program.
  • The program has exposed me to traditions I would never have otherwise pursued on my own. Examples include Ayurvedic medicine and the study of chakras.
  • Valerie and my fellow students bring interesting and different perspectives to discussions of assigned readings. Many times, ideas are shared that I would never have thought of on my own and that encourage me to think in ways I’m not accustomed.
  • Valerie is always prepared.
  • Valerie is an extraordinary teacher.

Valerie’s program has allowed me to deepen my own practice both physically and spiritually. The teacher training program at Sunrise has provided a basis in anatomy that aids in understanding how to correctly practice physical poses. The anatomy study combined with Valerie’s expertise in proper alignment have strongly deepened my asana practice by providing a better sense of how my own body fits together. With regard to spiritual practice, the program has introduced me to a library of new thoughts and ideas. That material at times confuses me, many times inspires me, and often helps provide calm in the proverbial storm. I’ve learned many things I like, some I don’t like, and not to become attached or averse to any of them. (Now if I could only do that!) And I’ve been fortunate enough to share this journey with smart and talented women who each have different perspectives that encourage me to think in new ways. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it’s a big commitment. But it’s a small investment for the benefits I’ll experience for the rest of my life. Overall, the experience so far has been nothing less than extraordinary.”

Elaine Round, graduate of both the 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs; now a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher