A New class for you in 2015! Intro to Yoga with Cathy Howe

Have you always wanted to take a yoga class, but felt unsure about where to start, or even if you could do yoga? Have you not tried a class because you think you have to have a perfect body that bends like a pretzel? Have you wondered why, exactly, people do yoga and what the point is? Well, we have the perfect class for you! Intro to Yoga is a six-class series that will help beginners get acclimated to yoga, while also answering many questions about the poses, purpose and possibilities involved in yoga practice.

When describing the class, instructor Cathy Howe says, “If you search the internet for information about yoga classes, you will quickly discover a variety of styles and options from which to choose. And, many of the websites you visit will display beautiful (and mostly young) bodies in impossibly difficult yoga postures. While that is an admiral achievement for some, what about yoga for the rest of us?

“Many potential newcomers immediately shy away, and with good cause. Without a foundation in the basics of yoga, how would you know that yoga is in fact accessible to everyone, and that yoga will happily ‘meet you where you are”, stiff and inflexible body and all!”


Intro to Yoga provides the opportunity to explore the basics in a safe, friendly and non-competitive environment with other students who are new to yoga. Learn a variety of simple yoga postures, how to do them safely and effectively, and – importantly – why we do them in the first place.

Enroll in Intro to Yoga and discover how yoga can help you:

•Increase your strength and flexibility
•Reduce stress
•Alleviate the aches and pains of everyday living
•Achieve a sense of confidence and well-being
•Improve your balance, posture and sense of stability

The series will run from January 8 – February 12.

Thursday evenings from 6 – 7 pm

$60 for the six-class series

Designed for the new student ages 16-90

All shapes, sizes physical abilities welcome!

Enrollment deadline is January 6 / class size is limited and minimum enrollment is required._ITM2550-Hi-Res