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What an All Levels Yoga Class Can Do For You

An All Level or Mixed Yoga class offers possibilities for you to explore a variety of poses ranging from easier to more advanced.  In these types of classes, yoga instructors offer students with a basic pose and give alternate options for students who are looking to explore and practice a more advanced form of a basic pose.  Newer students to yoga will develop better posture alignment, more body awareness, and core strength in the more basic variations.  To develop a healthy yoga practice, it is important to remember to listen to your body and be accepting of where your body can safely go in a yoga pose.  Give yourself permission to begin where you are! Communicating your needs with the instructor is another vital piece of a healthy yoga practice.  When you share your needs with your instructor, he/she is better able to offer guidance to meet your needs in the moment, in the pose. An All Levels class extends the possibilities for you to enjoy and challenge yourself while practicing poses safely by working at your comfort level and ability.  We invite you to check out our schedule and give an All Levels class a try!

Have a beautiful day!



How You Can Practice Yoga On and Off the Mat

How can we take the time to practice yoga when there are so many things to do in a day? We may think yoga only happens on the mat, but off the mat, yoga can happen anywhere and anytime.  We have the power to change our thinking from “I don’t have time for yoga today” to open our minds and ask ourselves “How can I practice yoga today?” Perhaps the suggestions below will help you think out of the box or “off the mat.”

  • Rise 15 minutes early to meditate
  • Spend time outside grounding yourself to the Earth
  • Complete tasks (dishes, eating, walking) mindfully
  • Read an article about yoga or listen to a podcast and share it with a friend
  • Take a moment or two throughout the day and center yourself with your breath
  • Stand in Tadasana in the grocery store or waiting in line anywhere
  • Practice a favorite pose and a new pose today
  • Practice an active pose and a passive pose
  • Be still and listen to your inner self and let go of outside circumstances
  • Speak up with kindness and honor your needs in the present moment
  • Include others in your yoga practices on and off the mat
  • Every day is an adventure – be flexible and gentle with YOU

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” ~The Bahagavad Gita~

Light and love to you. Namaste.

Staff Highlight ~ Stephanie Lentz

Stephanie joined the Sunrise Yoga family in January of this year.  She works the front desk on Sunday afternoon and fills in when needed during the week.   Stephanie enjoys meeting new people and is happy to be part of Sunrise Yoga. She loves the outdoors and enjoys mountain get-aways as well as hiking and biking. Stephanie is a native of Clemmons.  She lived in Colorado for fifteen years as a teacher and is currently a tutor and substitute teacher. Stephanie has enjoyed yoga throughout her life and is excited to committing to a daily practice that helps her prevent injuries and brings her peace and happiness!  Next time you stop by on Sunday, be sure to say hello!


Join us for Sound Immersion and Restorative Yoga on March 31!

Are you ready to unwind with us on Friday, March 31?  Join percussionist, Bill Smith and yoga instructor, Cathy Howe for a soothing and relaxing class.  Discover a deep sense of tranquility as you the let the vibrations of gongs and bells wash over you as you relax through a series of restorative yoga poses.

After this type of practice, participants can have:

A profound sense of calm and improved mental focus

A refreshed feeling and positive outlook

Reduced stress and a better quality of sleep

A balance in the nervous system and a sense of well-being

A restored sense of equanimity with the world around you

Class size is limited to 20 students and is appropriate for all levels including brand new students.  Fee = $25; $20 before 3/24/17.

Register online, using the app or in the studio today at

Sunrise Yoga is located minutes from Winston-Salem and High Point.  If you have not had the opportunity to participate in this type of class at Sunrise, we hope you will decide to give it a try and join us!  Have a beautiful day!


Cathy Howe – Instructor Highlight

Cathy began her yoga practice by attending a free class at Sunrise Yoga in 2004.  Over time, she slowly expanded her interest in yoga from a once-weekly practice to enrollment in the Sunrise Yoga Teacher Training program.  When it comes to her own practice, Cathy believes “slow-and-steady wins the race,” and that persistence and honest effort do, in fact, deliver remarkable results regardless of age and physical ability. Cathy also believes in practicing ahimsa, which simply means taking a non-harming approach in yoga and in life and encourages her students to be where they need to be and to be accepting of that.  Yoga helps her stay fit, feel young, and maintain a sense of peace and well-being.  She graduated from the Sunrise Yoga Teacher Training program as a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT500.  Join Cathy in Back Care Yoga on Tuesdays at 6 pm or Level 1 on Saturdays at 9 am!  She would love to see you!
Wishing you love and light, Namaste.

Join us for a Weekend Yoga Workshop with Julie Gudmestad!

Don’t miss this weekend opportunity to study with Julie Gudmestad!  The weekend focus: Muscle Imbalances & Yoga Solutions with a focus on Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders!

On Saturday and Sunday, March 25 & 26: 10 am – 1 pm & 3 pm – 5 pm at Sunrise Yoga, minutes from High Point and Winston-Salem! 

Don’t miss this chance to study with one of the top yoga teachers and physical therapists in the country. Julie Gudmestad is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and a practicing physical therapist from Portland, Oregon. She is the former author of the Anatomy of a Yogi column in Yoga Journal Magazine. Teaching yoga and conducting workshops throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe since 1975, Julie integrates her knowledge of the body into the structure of the yoga poses, creating a unique teaching style. She will progressively build the content from the ground up, integrating the principles of alignment and injury prevention into the sequence. The learning environment will be supportive and we always have fun!

Muscle imbalances can contribute to pain, injury, and chronic problems in any part of the body, and a thoughtful yoga practice can help to correct these imbalances. In this workshop, we will review the anatomy of important muscle groups, and how imbalances (strong vs. weak and tight vs. flexible) contribute to misalignments that set the stage for problems. Then we’ll practice yoga poses and sequences to help correct imbalances, improve alignment and relieve pain. Because the material builds sequentially, we strongly encourage you to take the entire workshop. Some previous study of anatomy is helpful but not mandatory. Receive CE credit for Yoga Alliance teachers. 

This workshop is not appropriate for students with problems that significantly limit their mobility or ability to do poses.

Sign up for the entire weekend or individual sessions at our website below.

Total Weekend Workshop Fee = $220 / Individual Morning Session Fee = $65 / Individual Afternoon Session Fee = $50



Trikonasana/Triangle Pose

Trikonasana or Triangle Pose opens the hip joints, inner thighs and the hamstrings.  The pose also helps improve breathing by creating space between the ribs.  Please exercise caution if you experience sacroiliac discomfort or any discomfort.

How to get into the pose:

  1. Stand in Tadasana/Mountain Pose (Use a wall, chair, block/s for support if needed for alignment or balance).
  2. Separate feet 3 /12 – 4 1/2 feet apart (what is comfortable for your body) and extend arms in line with your shoulders out to the side.
  3. Turn left foot slightly in and your right foot out at 90 degrees to practice on your right side.
  4. Roll your right thigh outward without moving your right foot.
  5. Hinge at the right hip crease and reach out to your right, keeping your torso in line with your right thigh.
  6. Place your right hand to the outside of your ankle  (using any props that are appropriate for your body to maintain proper alignment) while your left arm extends upward.
  7. Turn your head to look up at your left hand (only if it is comfortable and appropriate for your neck).
  8. To come out, extend through left arm, ground your left foot and lift your right arm to come into Tadasana/Mountain Pose.
  9. Repeat on the other side.

Have a beautiful day!  Namaste.



Bring a Friend for FREE!

Have you been waiting for just the right time to invite someone you know to a yoga class with you? Whether it’s Level 1 Yoga with Valerie (in featured photo), Gentle Yoga, Back Care Yoga or Restorative Yoga (this Sunday, February 26 at 3:30-5 pm), here’s your chance to introduce yoga to your friends, neighbors, family and co-workers!  Check out our class schedule and class descriptions on our website or using the Sunrise Yoga app (found in your app store).

Bring a friend who has never been to Sunrise Yoga Studio between February 20 – March 5! If your friend signs up for our New Student Special Offer of $30 for 30 days, you’ll BOTH be entered to win a free month of yoga! The more friends you bring, the more times you get entered to win!   Spread the word and share your love of yoga while this offer is available!  Sunrise Yoga Studio is minutes from Winston-Salem and High Point, so why not take advantage of this limited time special today!


Enhance Your Life with Yoga Today!

Yoga is a practice that focuses on centering ourselves in the present, using the muscles within the body with purpose, building strength and endurance, and promoting healthy alignment. It is a practice that can teach us about patience, commitment, and acceptance of where we are in the moment and to be there.  Yoga encourages us to concentrate on the here and now as we move in and out of poses, bringing a balance to our practice and our lives.  As we repeat familiar poses, whether in a studio or in a home practice, we build our confidence and become willing and ready to try new poses.  We begin to believe we are capable to challenge ourselves while being mindful of self-care in our practice.  Yoga can bring a sense of peace, relaxation and calm to your everyday life ~ you will learn to become increasingly self-aware of what your body can and cannot do and what you are ready to do.  We encourage you to try a class today!  Browse our schedule and class descriptions online ( or using our app (search your app store for Sunrise Yoga).  We hope to see you in a yoga class soon!


SYS Staff Highlight – Colleen Weiss

Colleen is our Receptionist weeknights and Saturday mornings.  She is a former sales and marketing executive in the music, art publishing and sports arenas.  About a decade ago she transitioned into non-profit work at the Forsyth Humane Society and the SECU Family House.  Colleen is a passionate animal advocate and an avid reader.  She incorporates the wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron into her daily life and looks forward to developing a yoga practice that will complement her meditation practice.  Colleen has a wonderful smile and an easy-going and centered soul.  We are very happy to have her at Sunrise Yoga Studio!  Come on out to say hello and while you are visiting, why not stick around and join us for a yoga class!

Have a beautiful day!