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Living in the Moment, One Breath at a Time…

“From out of nowhere comes the simplest act, simplest power.
It comes in silently and brings life without any human intervention.

It goes out and then comes in again,
with the most beautiful rhythm.

So simple that it is astonishing.
So complicated that it is hard to understand.
So elusive that it is hard to tame.
Even with human technology, nobody controls it.
It comes and it goes.
There is no greater miracle than the miracle of breath.

One breath at a time, this miracle of life touches you.”

It is up to each of us to be aware and recognize this miracle of breath.
May it open us up to hope & joy ~ opportunities & possibilities ~ love & peace within us.
May we each have the courage in this moment to see the light within us and to share it with others.


*Quote taken from Prem Rawat

What is this “Om” Sound About?


It also can be spelled “Aum” and is composed of three syllables in this Sanskrit word.

  • The “A” and “aaahhh,” sound comes from the abdomen and represents our world awareness.
  • The “U” and “oooo,” sound comes from the heart and represents an awareness of our inner selves.
  • The “M” and “mmm” sound comes from the brain and represents our consciousness.

According to the Yoga Journal in an article on The Sound of OM,  “Om is a symbol for everything – past, present, and future – and beyond each of those to incorporate the entire universe.”

You may prefer to select another word that resonates with you that helps bring your focus inward before a yoga practice or during times you feel it is needed throughout the day. Many yoga classes begin with this chant. It is said to help people connect with themselves and within their place in the world before they begin their yoga practice and in the practice of this journey of LIFE.

Quote from Yoga Journal link:

What is Ahimsa…again???

When I first began taking Yoga classes in March of this year…I heard something wonderful (in addition to many other wonderful things I’ve learned)!

A description of AHIMSA!

Practicing Ahimsa in life and in Yoga is a non-harming practice of others and of myself. What Ahimsa means to me in Yoga is when I am doing a pose or movement I am unsure about, it feels not quite right in my body or my brain is trying to confuse me and I can feel overwhelmed. Ahimsa in Yoga reminds me I have choices. When one or all of these things may be happening, it my responsibility to honor my self physically, mentally, and emotionally and speak up in any class. Giving myself permission to care for my self by making a choice that is in my best interest is extending compassion and caring to myself.

A few choices that have helped me:
1- Before class begins, I have let the instructor know what issues are affecting me today.
2- Simply asking for help when I need it.
3- Identify the feeling I’m having and share it with the instructor (I feel uncomfortable. I feel pain. My lower back hurts.)
4- Treat myself as kindly as I would treat another person and honor I am human and with limitations.
5- I need a modification to the pose or movement.

I hope this blog post will gently remind you to practice Ahimsa in life and in Yoga!


Yoga Instructor Changes at Sunrise Yoga Studio

Becky pose


Becky Heiter has been an instructor at Sunrise Yoga Studio since 2009.  She has touched many of us who have had her as an instructor and have been a witness to her radiant and heart-filled spirit that shines brightly upon all those around her.  Becky’s love of Yoga is evident in her teaching and as she shares her knowledge and love of Yoga with others.  She has moved to the North Carolina coast and will be soon opening up her very own Yoga Studio!  We have enjoyed having Becky with us here at Sunrise!

We wish her the very best on her new journey!


Karen Fitgerald was a yoga instructor with Sunrise Yoga and took some time off for a few years and is returning to teach yoga with us!  She has been practicing yoga for 10 years. Karen began her practice as a physical exercise program. She quickly realized the benefits of yoga were much more than a physical exercise program. Yoga has had a positive effect on her life helping her stay balanced and centered especially through tough situations. Yoga allows Karen to do something for herself, each practice is different and leaves her feeling relaxed, energized and grounded. She wants to share her positive experience with others as a yoga teacher. Karen completed the 200 hour teacher training program at Sunrise Yoga Studio and is currently enrolled in the 300-hour Teacher Training Program at Sunrise Yoga Studio. Karen believes that everyone can benefit from a yoga practice and have fun doing it.  

We are very happy to welcome back Karen as an instructor at Sunrise Yoga Studio!  


From each of us at Sunrise Yoga Studio





Thank you Dianne!

Dianne Matthews

Dianne was Sunrise Yoga Studio’s Office Manager since the Fall of 2015, up until mid-summer 2016. She has since accepted an opportunity to work full-time.  We miss her and are grateful for the time she was here with us.   Dianne enjoyed being a part of the Sunrise Yoga family.  She values time spent with family and friends and sharing her radiance with others.  Her positive, natural, and joyful attitude as Office Manager were contagious!  We wish her the very best and hope to see her in classes at Sunrise Yoga.

Thank you Dianne!  We know you will shine wherever you are!

Much love from all of us at Sunrise Yoga Studios!


Valerie, Amber, Colleen, Claudia, Cathy, Becky, Karen H., Karen F.,  Jessie, Sandra, Kim, Gwen, Elaine, and on behalf of each Sunrise yogi member who loved seeing your beautiful smile as they entered the studio

Instructor Highlight-Featuring Sandra Wells

Sunrise Yoga has amazing, caring and gifted instructors. Attention is given to each student as they give instruction to aid their well-being. This post will highlight Sandra Wells. Yoga has brought balance to her life as well as the ability to honor time for herself. Sandra shares those with all her students through her teaching. Sandra is a former triathlete, marathoner, and competitive cyclist who still enjoys running and cycling. As such, she found that Yoga brought balance to her body as well as her mind. Her particular interests are for sharing her love of yoga with kids and families. Sandra says she teaches yoga because she wants to share the tremendous benefits yoga has to offer for the physical body and for the mind. She wants students to have fun and to enjoy the sense of community during her classes. She is a Level 2 Radiant Child Certified Instructor and has completed the 330-hour teacher training program at Triad Yoga Institute. She is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and E-RYT200 with Yoga Alliance. She has also completed a Certification program for Prenatal Yoga. She has completed the Triad Yoga’s 500-hour teacher training program.

Experience Sandra’s Level 2 Yoga class Monday afternoons from 4:00-5:30 pm and Level 1 Yoga Monday evenings from 6:00-7:00 pm. Come by the studio so you get to know her!

Ways to Quiet Yourself Through Meditation

Everyone thinks that the purpose of meditation is to handle stress, to tune out, to get away from it all. That is part of the process for sure. But the most important thing for you to know is that small doses of regular meditation actually are intended to make you MORE mindful of your situation and the world, and to handle stress better… rather than merely avoiding it.

Practicing meditation is not to just de-stress, but to find that peace within, the peace that spiritual traditions talk about that passes all understanding.

Deepak Chopra says ” meditation is a way to get in the space between your thoughts. You have a thought here, a thought here, and there’s little space between every thought” Here’s more from Deepak on this …

How to Quiet Your Mind During Meditation

Keep your eyes closed, and bring your awareness into your heart, right in the middle of the chest. With all of your awareness try to see, sense, feel your heartbeat. See if you can sense your heartbeat either as a sound or a sensation.

Now that you’re experiencing your heartbeat as a sound or a sensation, bring your awareness to your fingertips, to your hands. See where my hands are? Bring your awareness into your fingertips. You can open you eyes and peek for a second and then go back with your eyes closed. Feel your heartbeat in your fingertips. You feel that? You’ve just diverted blood flow to your hands. This is one of the fastest ways to relieve a migraine headache.

Now bring your awareness back into your heart and just mentally repeat the four words that I’m going to ask you to repeat, mentally.

Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.

Do that for two minutes and now move your awareness anywhere in your body that you want to bring healing to. You don’t have to visualize anything, you don’t have to say anything, just bring your awareness. Just bringing awareness to these different parts of your body will bring consciousness, which is healing.

Finally, come back to your heart, and in one minute or so say again those four words: Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love. Remember those are the goals of all the other goals in our life, whatever we want, ultimately that’s what we want. So repeat: Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.

Now keep your awareness in your heart and just for one minute, experience gratitude. You experience gratitude by thinking of all the things you’re already grateful for. The more you experience gratitude, the more you’ll attract things in your life that will make you feel even more grateful. Do that for a second, a few seconds, relax into your body, and open your eyes. This is a healing meditation.
Now that is a simple technique. If you really spend time with those 4 words… and really put your heart into them…. you WILL bring peace, harmony, laughter and love into you life in greater and greater amounts.

What IS The Right Yoga Class Level for a Beginner?

So, you are new to yoga, your first time stepping into a studio and haven’t a clue where to begin. No worries because the instructors here at Sunrise, who are all certified and staff are quite knowledgeable in answering questions and leading you in the right direction. After all, the last thing you want to happen is you becoming injured. Class descriptions for all of our class offerings are available to assist you in making the appropriate selection. The following classes are considered appropriate for students who are brand new to yoga: Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, All Levels Yoga, Back Care Yoga, Restorative Yoga, or Level 1 Yoga. It is imperative that you inform your instructor of any medical issues, concerns or recent injuries. This will enable them to make modifications for you while you are getting the most out of the yoga class.

Here at Sunrise Yoga, new students and those who have not practiced in years can be at ease. If you are in the process of considering yoga classes, know that you are welcome to join the Sunrise Yoga family. Namaste.

Yoga During Pregnancy

We have received inquires about whether it is safe and if Sunrise Yoga teaches yoga for pregnant women. Pregnant students are welcome to attend our Level 1 Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, All Levels, and Back Care classes. All our teachers are well trained to work with pregnant students, therefore, it is safe. All of our teachers are trained in working with various student concerns. For all health issues, please speak with your physician before your first class to receive his/her approval. We are able to work with many types of students, and some of our classes are specially designed for students with limitations and concerns. Please notify your instructor prior to class about your concerns.

Yoga Poses for Back Health

This series of four poses is designed to support spinal health and relieve back pain through yoga.

Pelvic Tilts

1. Come to lie in your back with the knees bent and the soles of your feet on the floor.

2. Do 5-10 Pelvic Tilts to warm up the spine.


Supported Bridge Pose

1. Have a yoga block nearby.

2. Press into the soles of the feet to lift the hips. Slide a yoga block under your sacrum, coming into Supported Bridge.

3. This should be a comfortable resting position that you may want to hold for several minutes.

4. To come out, press into the feet the lift the sacrum off the block, slide the block out, and slowly lower your back on to the floor.



Reclined Big-Toe Pose – Supta Padangusthasana

1. Have a yoga strap nearby.

2. Release your left leg flat on the floor (you may keep it bent with the sole on the floor if this is more comfortable) as you draw the right knee in to your chest.

3. Loop the strap over your right foot and straighten the leg coming in to Reclined Big Toe Pose – Supta Padangusthasana.

4. Repeat on the other leg.



Supine Spinal Twist – Supta Matsyendrasana

1. Lift your hips slightly off the floor and shift them about an inch to your right.

2. Bring your right knee into your chest and extend the left leg on the floor.

3. Drop your right knee over to the left side of your body, coming in to Supine Spinal Twist – Supta Matsyendrasana.