All Levels Yoga

The All Levels Yoga class is designed for students of all yoga experience levels from a slightly-experienced student to an advanced practitioner. Appropriate options will be given by the instructor for each student’s level of experience.

Back Care Yoga

Back Care Yoga is open to all levels of students, including those who have never taken a yoga class. Students of all ages are welcome. Students will learn: poses to relieve muscle tension; safe poses to increase flexibility in the hips, shoulders and back; strengthening poses to give the spine and neck adequate support; ways to improve posture and alignment; and relaxation techniques to help reduce mental stress often associated with chronic pain. These classes are suitable for all practitioners, but special care is made to assist those with back issues. Overall emphasis is also placed on building a strong and healthy back for everyone, so as to avoid future back-related problems.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga classes are appropriate for those with special health conditions, those who want a slower paced class or those who are looking for a beginner level class. The class is open to students who use walkers, canes, and wheelchairs.

Most of the class activity is performed seated in a chair. For those who are able, some standing (with support) and floor movements may be given. For those who are unable, alternate poses appropriate for remaining seated will be given.

Students could potentially benefit from the practice of yoga and may see improved range of motion and flexibility, involvement in a social activity, strengthened muscles and joints, and reduced stress. These classes include yoga poses for the body, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

Gentle Yoga

The Gentle Yoga class is designed for those who want a very basic, beginner level class. These classes include yoga poses for the body, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. Students of all abilities are welcome to attend including those who prefer to stay in a chair. The class is shorter and slower paced than a Level 1 Yoga class.

Guided Meditation

One of the most accessible ways to experience the overall benefits of meditation is to listen to a guided meditation. This can be an incredibly enjoyable, healthy and inspiring way to achieve inner peace. You will learn to achieve a state of deep inner stillness, so that your mind can be cleared of clutter and unwanted thoughts. You will learn to strengthen the body to aid in a sitting meditation practice and how breath can be used to calm the mind.

Level 1 Yoga

Start a yoga journey with the Level 1 Yoga class! This is the perfect class for students who are brand new to yoga, students who have had very little yoga experience, and students who took yoga a long time ago.

Designed to introduce students to the practice of Hatha Yoga, the class emphasizes a systematic approach that allows students to learn the basic techniques of proper alignment, breathing, meditation, and relaxation.

(See also Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Restorative Yoga for class descriptions for other Beginner Yoga options.)

Level 2 Flow Yoga

Level 2 Flow Yoga is a more aerobic style class that improves strength and endurance. In this class, the poses are linked together with the breath. There is much more fluid movement involved and thus, the pace in the class is quicker. Alignment direction is given for the poses, but there is an assumption that the student knows the basic forms of the poses.

Level 2 Yoga

Level 2 is for students who have had at least three months of regular attendance of Level 1 Yoga classes. Students will begin to explore more challenging poses and breathing techniques. A basic understanding of alignment and recognition of the names of the poses is needed for this class.

Level 3 Yoga

Level 3 introduces more challenging poses and refines those poses taught in Level 2 and adds more detailed breathing techniques. Students who have practiced yoga for at least 12 months in the alignment-based Level 2 classes are welcome to attend.

Restorative Yoga

Our bodies have an innate ability to relax given the right circumstances. Restorative yoga uses a series of easy, supported poses held for a long time under the right conditions (including the use of many props) to tip the balance from “fight or flight” mode into maximal relaxation. Yogis developed these poses over many years, but science tells us that, under the conditions set in restorative yoga, immediate effects on heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity are possible. Emphasis on complete muscular relaxation and comfort are emphasized to achieve a quiet state of mind and body. The classes are in the style of Iyengar teacher, Roger Cole, and Relax & Renew author, Judith Lasater.

Select Your Study

This is a weekly class in which the topic varies week to week. The class title and appropriate level will be announced a month prior. Topics could include things such as specific pose work or pose type, a therapeutic theme, a particular part of the body, or more!

6/28 – Happy Feet:  We’ll give our feet some much-needed attention with poses that will help stretch and strengthen them, while also relieving their aches and pains. All levels.

7/5- Strengthen Your Core:  A strong core helps to improve your balance and stability, improve your posture and protect your muscles from injury. Come practice poses and other exercises to build strength in this important area! Level 1 + above.

7/12 – Strong and Flexible Shoulders:  Practice poses that help to relieve tension, change your posture and increase strength and flexibility. All Levels.

7/19 – Yoga Wall, Level 2:  Have fun at the Yoga Wall as we use straps, harnesses and bars to give a new perspective to poses. Class size is limited: pre-register online/with the app or at the front desk.

7/26 – Chakra Sun Salutatons:  Balance your chakras and calm your mind with these flowing movements including stepping forward, jumping, bending. Level 2 + above.

Yoga Wall

Yoga Walls are special props that can be used for many types of poses from standing poses, back bends, forward bends, inversions & more. The walls allow you to move deeper into poses, to understand alignment more in depth, and to simply be more playful in the practice of yoga. The class is appropriate for students of all levels from new students to advanced practitioners. The Tuesday 8:30 am class size is limited to 15 students. Please sign up online to guarantee your spot.