Do You Know Someone Who is “Afraid” to Begin Yoga? 10 Things Every Beginner Yoga Student Should Know!


Do you remember what it felt like when you first started yoga?  Did you have any qualms about taking a class?  Did you hesitate at all because you were new to yoga?  Or maybe you are that person who would like to begin but you feel a bit intimidated because “you don’t know what you don’t know”?

We often tell new students at Sunrise Yoga Studio that they will not feel like newbies for very long.  Our active students are welcoming and our instructors make every effort to create a relaxed and “safe” environment for all levels of students.

But, if some questions are running through your mind about starting a yoga journey, know that others have had questions too!  Erica Rodefer Winters recently addressed some of these questions in an article entitled, “10 Things Every Beginner Yoga Student Should Know”.  She is the former online editor for Yoga Journal magazine and has had interaction with many yoga studios, yoga conferences and workshops.  See how many of the “10 Things” to which you relate!

10 Things Every Beginner Yoga Student Should Know