Enhance Your Life with Yoga Today!

Yoga is a practice that focuses on centering ourselves in the present, using the muscles within the body with purpose, building strength and endurance, and promoting healthy alignment. It is a practice that can teach us about patience, commitment, and acceptance of where we are in the moment and to be there.  Yoga encourages us to concentrate on the here and now as we move in and out of poses, bringing a balance to our practice and our lives.  As we repeat familiar poses, whether in a studio or in a home practice, we build our confidence and become willing and ready to try new poses.  We begin to believe we are capable to challenge ourselves while being mindful of self-care in our practice.  Yoga can bring a sense of peace, relaxation and calm to your everyday life ~ you will learn to become increasingly self-aware of what your body can and cannot do and what you are ready to do.  We encourage you to try a class today!  Browse our schedule and class descriptions online (sunriseyoga.net) or using our app (search your app store for Sunrise Yoga).  We hope to see you in a yoga class soon!