International Day of Peace at Sunrise Yoga

International Peace Day

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  ~ Gandhi

Come join Karen Hoglund on Saturday, September 21st and be an active participant for peace!

The 9:00 am Level 2 Flow Class will be a “Shanti Peace Flow” in honor of the International Day of Peace. All the music will have a groovy peace theme and your vinyasa practice will include lively sun salutations with lots of peaceful warriors, peace mudras, and an emphasis on sending “shanti” (Sanskrit for peace) out into the world. This active practice will close with a meditation for peace and a sweet, tranquil Savasana.

Those wanting a quieter practice are invited to the 11:00 am “Peace to Your Back Restorative Class”. The Back Care class this day will also be devoted to peace. We’ll have special music with a peace theme and our poses will all be restorative, designed to nourish the back and calm the mind. Meditations for peace will be interspersed throughout the class and we also will actively send “shanti” out into the world, we’ll send peace to someone we know who needs it, and finally we’ll send it to each and everyone one in the class.

So take a step towards bringing peace of mind to yourself and towards others. See you on Saturday the 21st!
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