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Restorative Pose Highlight

Supta Baddha Konasana  (Reclined Bound Angle Pose)

Props needed for pose:  

  1. Bolster or 1-2 firm blankets folded lengthwise to match thickness of a bolster
  2. Blanket or pillow for head support
  3. Blocks or pillows to support the knees
  4. A strap or belt to help the feet stay together (optional)
  5. Eye bag if you desire

How to get in the pose:

  1. Place the bolster or blankets 3 inches behind your buttocks to support your spine.
  2. Place a blanket to support your head.
  3. Place the strap around your waist/lower back and under your feet as your bring the feet together in Bound Angle Pose.
  4. Make a big loop in the strap and tighten comfortably.
  5. Place blankets or pillows to support both your knees so there is relaxation without gripping.
  6. Lie back and be sure you are comfortable.  If you are uncomfortable, try rearranging the props to by adding height or taking height away.
  7. Relax in this soothing pose that can help ease your mind and heart.