Step Up to the Perfect Level!

Chair Yoga at Sunrise Yoga Studio, Clemmons, NCYoga is attracting its share of attention lately as an alternative to the sofa during the cold winter months, and as more and more folks discover yoga’s unique way of relaxing the mind while simultaneously energizing the body.
Getting properly acclimated is an important part of starting a yoga practice, and helps create an experience that is not only valuable on a physical level, but is also comfortable and fun. Deciding on the right class is an important part of that process, but before you can make that decision it is important to know the distinction between the classes we offer.
At Sunrise Yoga, we think it is important to create “levels” of classes to accommodate a variety of students with diverse backgrounds and personal interests. If you are brand new to yoga, you are not likely to be comfortable in a class with everyone standing on their heads. On the other hand, the highly experienced student may prefer a practice that is much more rigorous than Level One provides.
Frankly, though, there’s more to it than creating a comfortable setting – we also strive to create a safe one, and that means establishing the base of your practice with care.
In our beginner classes (Level One, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Back Care), the pace is slower so students can focus on building a foundation of basic skills. The instructor assumes that you have no prior knowledge of Sanskrit and other yoga terminology so you are not left in the dust wondering what the heck “Padangusthasana” means!
Level Two assumes you have established some basics in the postures, and increases your exposure to more traditional yoga terminology. (“Aha, so that’s what Padangusthasana means!”) Levels Three and Four advance the student as he or she becomes more proficient in the poses and require increasing levels of experience and commitment to the practice of yoga. Along the way other elements of yoga practice, such as meditation and breath work, are also introduced at different intervals.
Offering “levels” of yoga helps us provide for the needs and comfort of all our students, reduces frustration for the new practitioner as well the highly experienced one, and provides a safe and rational stair-step approach to developing and enjoying a personal yoga practice, regardless of your previous experience or ultimate goal.
At Sunrise Yoga our regular schedule includes 25 classes each week, encompassing 10 different class descriptions. Check out the details on our website and find the one that is right for you – it will make your yoga journey an even more rewarding one!

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