Today is 11-12-13!

Nov2013Calendar copy

Today is not really a phenomenon but isn’t there something both calming and fascinating when there is order of this sort?  Most humans have an aversion to change and yet are often easily bored.  Routines can develop into ruts without new elements of change.

But change can sometimes feel awkward, clumsy and at times even disruptive and frustrating. And yes, this positive change leaves us occasionally longing for that which is old and familiar, even though admittedly not as good!

These feelings are neither new nor unique. Doing something we wouldn’t ordinarily do, or performing a familiar task in a different way, often results in discomfort. When we experience those feelings on the yoga mat, we call it tapas.

For example, imagine the instructor saying “your next pose is Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) without a block”. Within a nano-second, you might find yourself thinking “but I always use a block, I can’t do it without a block, I need that block for balance, I don’t want to do the pose this way, this doesn’t feel right….” Sound familiar?

Where are you on this interesting day of numerical order?  Are you in a “calm” place in your yoga practice but open to new and different or does your routine need a nudge out of the rut?  Extend your limits in at least one way today!