Today is No Socks Day (something yogis celebrate daily!)!

No Socks Day 2014 at Sunrise Yoga Studio in Clemmons


Today, May 8, 2014, is No Socks Day, a day to “to free your feet from socks and stockings and to give your toes a breath of fresh air (”.  For all the yogis out there, being without socks is common but, you may wonder, why is yoga practiced barefoot?  Does being barefoot intimidate some beginner yoga students?

According to, “healthy alignment is key to a healthy pose.  When you practice barefoot, you are able to be more aware of your feet and a better judge of your alignment in the yoga pose.  In yoga, everything begins from the foundation (your feet) and moves upward. You find your stability, balance and contact with the floor (all essential for standing poses) with bare feet.” 

So, send your socks on a sabbatical in honor of No Socks Day and come get your toes on the yoga studio floor! Your feet (and the rest of you, too!) will be glad you did.

p.s. Tomorrow is Lost Sock Memorial Day . . . how fitting this is “celebrated” the day after No Socks Day!