What a pain in the neck!


Do you ever feel the stress and strain of life in your neck?  You are not alone!  According to YogaUOnline, “An estimated 20 percent of the population suffers from chronic neck pain, typically caused by structural dysfunctions or disc issues in the cervical spine.” Ouch!

Yoga to the rescue!  Again quoting YogaUOnline, “A new study from Germany indicates that regular yoga practice may offer a viable alternative for those suffering from neck pain. Study participants assigned to weekly Iyengar yoga sessions reported significantly reduced neck pain over a nine-week period.  Importantly, at follow-up 12 months later, the improvement was still present in the study participants who had kept up a regular home practice over the preceding 12 months.”  Iyengar yoga, where props such as belts, blocks and blankets are utilized to assist students in practicing poses they might not have been able to do otherwise, is the style of yoga taught at Sunrise Yoga Studio and the picture above are actual students using a variety of props in a class at Sunrise Yoga!

In the study mentioned above, participants practiced three standing poses (Mountain Pose, Standing Half-forward Bend at a wall and Warrior 2) and three sitting postures ( Bharadvaja’s twist, Cross-leg pose and Cross-leg pose with a twist), all designed and developed for the study with input from B.K.S. Iyengar.  All of the instructors at Sunrise Yoga are trained to assist you in learning these or any other poses that may assist you in improving your overall health.  Private sessions are also available to address specific needs and issues and serves as a great opportunity to develop a customized yoga practice.

While you have heard us say it before, we’ll quote YogaUOnline and the study one more time . . . “The authors also suggested that as yoga students develop increasing awareness of muscle use and joint position, they can better change habitual posture patterns in daily life.  Those with the most regular practice reported the best results.”

Let us help you get the results you are after . . . especially eliminating that nagging pain in the neck!