What is Ahimsa…again???

When I first began taking Yoga classes in March of this year…I heard something wonderful (in addition to many other wonderful things I’ve learned)!

A description of AHIMSA!

Practicing Ahimsa in life and in Yoga is a non-harming practice of others and of myself. What Ahimsa means to me in Yoga is when I am doing a pose or movement I am unsure about, it feels not quite right in my body or my brain is trying to confuse me and I can feel overwhelmed. Ahimsa in Yoga reminds me I have choices. When one or all of these things may be happening, it my responsibility to honor my self physically, mentally, and emotionally and speak up in any class. Giving myself permission to care for my self by making a choice that is in my best interest is extending compassion and caring to myself.

A few choices that have helped me:
1- Before class begins, I have let the instructor know what issues are affecting me today.
2- Simply asking for help when I need it.
3- Identify the feeling I’m having and share it with the instructor (I feel uncomfortable. I feel pain. My lower back hurts.)
4- Treat myself as kindly as I would treat another person and honor I am human and with limitations.
5- I need a modification to the pose or movement.

I hope this blog post will gently remind you to practice Ahimsa in life and in Yoga!