What is this “Om” Sound About?


It also can be spelled “Aum” and is composed of three syllables in this Sanskrit word.

  • The “A” and “aaahhh,” sound comes from the abdomen and represents our world awareness.
  • The “U” and “oooo,” sound comes from the heart and represents an awareness of our inner selves.
  • The “M” and “mmm” sound comes from the brain and represents our consciousness.

According to the Yoga Journal in an article on The Sound of OM,  “Om is a symbol for everything – past, present, and future – and beyond each of those to incorporate the entire universe.”

You may prefer to select another word that resonates with you that helps bring your focus inward before a yoga practice or during times you feel it is needed throughout the day. Many yoga classes begin with this chant. It is said to help people connect with themselves and within their place in the world before they begin their yoga practice and in the practice of this journey of LIFE.

Quote from Yoga Journal link:  http://www.yogajournal.com/wisdom/1141_1.cfm