What’s in a Yoga Teacher?

Each month our newsletter contains information about learning opportunities at Sunrise Yoga University. Many of you have joined us for a weekend workshop while some have immersed themselves in the program and earned teaching credentials. As you see these graduates join our roster, you can be certain that they have had extensive training in their craft after completing the 200-hour certification process.
But what about our other instructors – what kind of qualifications do they have?
First of all, every instructor at Sunrise Yoga has completed a minimum 200-hour teaching certification program. Every single teacher and substitute teacher here has either completed a 500-hour certification or is enrolled in that program now. But, the learning process doesn’t stop just because a certification level has been reached. For all of our instructors, the study of yoga has become an on-going effort to continually increase both their yogic knowledge and their teaching skills.
Not all of this continuing education takes place at Sunrise Yoga. Many of our instructors travel to locations around the country to attend workshops and increase their exposure to their craft. For example, I myself accumulated 122 hours of workshop study in three states (NC, TX and CA) one year. While this may not be typical of every Sunrise Yoga instructor, I will say that they all dedicate a considerable amount of time – and money – to expanding their knowledge and keeping themselves current and credentialed.
Of course other facilities may take a different approach, especially if their focus is based entirely on the postural aspect of practicing yoga. But at Sunrise Yoga, every one of our instructors embraces a broader vision and works diligently in the study of yogic history, philosophy and anatomy.
When you attend class at Sunrise Yoga, rest assured that the instructor will be fully qualified to handle the responsibility of conducting that class and attending to the special needs of the students. I take great comfort – and pride – in knowing that. I hope you do too.