Privacy Yoga Classes, Winston-Salem, NC

Reasons Why Students Choose Private Yoga

  • Harmonize your yoga practice with your abilities and aspirations
  • Truly relax and focus—you’re the only student in the room, with no group class distractions
  • Discover the power of confident graceful movement
  • Partner with your Instructor to create a yoga routine personalized for what matters to you
  • Learn to use special yoga supports to strengthen your body without straining it

Spend one-on-one time with a member of our staff. This is instruction convenient to your personal schedule and needs … plus the optimal practice opportunity and attention without other students in the same room.

Some students attend a combination of group classes and privates; some students attend private sessions only. You can schedule a private session once a quarter, twice a week, or even just once. You and your instructor will find what is best for you.


Fees for a private yoga session are as follows:

  • $50 for a 30 minute session
  • $85 for a 60  minute session

These fees allow 1 or 2 persons to participate in the private session at the studio. Please inquire for the fee for 3 or more persons or to have a private session in a location other than the studio.

The length of session to choose will depend on your interests, health issues, and time available. We recommend the 60-minute session for at least the first session to allow us time for a full assessment of your situation.

“I have taken many yoga classes over the years in many different cities. Working privately with Valerie has taken my practice to a new level. She works with my abilities and limitations, she clues into what I need to work on, and she has helped me get past my fear of inversions! Her studio is a center of calm in my life. I only wish I had started working with Valerie sooner! -Tara O.

“I have found that taking private lessons has added to the richness of my yoga practice. With Valerie’s gentle and compassionate guidance, I am making changes to my practice based on my individual needs at the time of each private session. These sessions, along with attending class twice weekly, completes my desire to grow in my yoga practice and still have the sense of the wonderful community at Sunrise Yoga Studio.” - Fran G. 

“As much as I enjoy the community we form in group classes and the expert teachers, I find private lessons with Valerie to be especially helpful. Working one-on-one with Valerie enables me to focus on specific areas of need, such as lower-body strengthening, balance, core strengthening and breathing. My home practice is much more enjoyable and beneficial because of Valerie’s recommendations and targeted student specific instruction.” - Joanne J.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Private Session

Private Session Policies

  • Sessions are to be paid for in-full prior to or on the day of the scheduled appointment.
  • Late for an appointment: The private session has a scheduled start time and end time. The session will end at the scheduled end time even if you are late.
  • Cancellations/changes made more than 12 hours away from the appointment time may be made via email or phone. If you do not receive an email back confirming your message, then you must call to cancel.
  • Cancellations/changes to an appointment that is less than 12 hours away, contact the teacher by phone. Email is not acceptable for anything less than 12 hours.
  • Cancellations/changes made less than 12 hours from the appointment time and no-shows are subject to full payment of the appointment at the discretion of the teacher.

At Sunrise Yoga Studio, we offer private yoga classes to residents of Winston Salem, Lewisville, and Clemmons, North Carolina.