Sunrise Yoga Testimonials

Find out why people love our yoga studio by looking over our testimonials.

Many in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area have found peace and calm at our yoga studio. If you are looking for a new place to practice yoga, come take a class at Sunrise Yoga Studio! We offer classes for people in all stages of life and all skill levels, and we can help you experience growth, balance, and peace in your practice. If you're still not convinced, take a look at some of the testimonials listed below. Here, you'll find out more about why people love Sunrise Yoga Studio and why they keep coming back for our classes.

Cheery Space

I love my weekly visits to Sunrise Yoga. The cheery studio space and consistent community of practitioners are welcoming, and Valerie is fabulous at helping students approach asana practice with integrity, adventure, and a sense of humor.

Elizabeth C.

Sunrise Yoga Studio has been one of the greatest gifts of my recent move to the western Piedmont. I’ve attended several levels of classes, with different teachers, and they have all been deeply satisfying. I feel, at once, welcomed into a warm and supportive community and challenged to strengthen and refine my practice. The individualized instruction I have received at Sunrise has given me the confidence to move past perceived limitations in a mindful way. I look forward to continuing to deepen my study of yoga, following the guidance of my lovely teachers.

S. Allen

Benefited So Much

I have benefited so much from the classes at Sunrise Yoga that if I ever have to move, proximity to a yoga studio will part of my criteria when choosing a new home.

Rebecca Boyd

Feeling Taller

I have really enjoyed gentle yoga. I leave class feeling taller and relaxed. Kim is an excellent teacher!

Chris Kares

Long-term investment in health

I started at your studio as a guest of Leslie and then I enrolled in 30 days for $30.00. I was hoping that yoga would help my bad back and poor posture. My first day under the trial period I had to come by myself and to tell you the truth, I almost did not come. But I did.

All I can say is that I am very glad that I came to your studio and now I do 3 sessions a week. As far as I can tell it has helped me in many ways. I am more conscious of the way I stand, the way I walk, and I try not to let my shoulders droop. I have noticed that my flexibility is improving in each session, slowly, but then this is not a quick fix but a long-term investment in my health.

I enjoy the instructors in each of the different sessions and what I like most is that they know my name and they seem to personally care about me as I try new positions. Some I can’t do, but I try. Thank you, Cathy, Kim, Karen, Sandra, Jessie, Lisa, Amber and, of course, the “BOSS” Valerie. One more thanks to Colleen, our front desk lady, “ok I’m ready,” so we can be logged into the computer system.

I am glad Leslie PUSHED me to come. Before then my evenings were the typical supper, TV, and bed.

So, for me, at my age, I am very glad I came and will continue to do so as long as I am physically able.

A grateful student,

Robert Cady

Spring in my Step

Classes at Sunrise Yoga have been all that I hoped they would be and more. As a beginning yogi, I had no experience with which to measure the quality of instruction or facility. From time to time another student who has practiced yoga elsewhere will say to me that they think both the facility and the teachers are the best they have ever known. All the teachers I have had here are likable, well trained and helpful.

I had hoped that Yoga at Sunrise would improve my fitness. After almost two and a half years of classes at Sunrise, I KNOW that my muscles are stronger, my posture has improved some (room for more improvement) as has my balance and also flexibility. I look forward to class and have met a great bunch of folks who are also Sunrise students and teachers.

As I age, Yoga at Sunrise keeps a spring in my step.

Virginia Lawrence

Free from Back Pain

I began practicing yoga at Sunrise Yoga just a few months ago having never been to a yoga class before. Quite frankly, it's been a miracle! I had already begun practicing meditation and mindfulness, but because of chronic back pain, I had to stop my regular exercise (running and walking). Along with some chiropractic help, yoga was just the thing! For the first time in well over a year, I have become pain-free. Any time I have felt a twinge in class, an adjustment in my alignment (often with help from teachers) and stretching has "fixed" it. I am aware from the moment I get up in the morning (which used to hurt!) that yoga has changed me.

The mind, body, spirit connection has been exactly what I needed!


Felicia Stewart Hoyle

Relaxation & More!

This late spring and early summer, I'd been very stressed and started a meditation routine. Soon after, I decided to try yoga to help with relaxation. I was so thankful to find that you offer back care classes since I deal with chronic pain! After only taking a few classes, I noticed my low back felt stronger and also noticed less neck pain and discomfort! WOW! Not only have I found some needed relaxation with yoga, the practice is also decreasing the chronic pain for which I'm now taking much less pain medication. I wasn't looking for more than relaxation but, I'm gaining so much more from Sunrise Yoga! It's very motivating to be there and your teachers are so knowledgeable about correct form which I'm thankful for. Thank you for everything!

Elizabeth Brown

Love every Minute

After being very ill and having major surgery 5 months ago, my outlook on life changed. I did not want to continue to do the same boring things day after day. I did not what to wake up one morning with regrets for all the things I didn’t do. I recently read an article that said “busting out of your comfort zone can make you healthier and happier”. Yoga is the first thing I have tried that is out of my comfort zone and I am loving every minute of it. I am not only stretching my body but my mind. Thanks to all the great folks at Sunrise Yoga for a great beginning to the second chapter of my life.

Carol Kesser

Most Impressed

A few years ago while training with a local cycling team, one of my coaches suggested trying yoga as a way of increasing my flexibility. It seemed like good advice and soon I showed up at Sunrise Yoga Studio to learn the basics. Several benefits were evident almost immediately: my flexibility improved as did my balance and strength. As I continued to do yoga I noticed other benefits as well. Yoga proved to be calming. In a world of ups and downs and high-speed everything, yoga showed me the value of slowing down and paying attention – it added much-needed calm to my daily life.

Back then, when I started taking classes at Sunrise, I was most impressed by how well equipped the studio was. There were special ‘yoga walls’ that allowed you to clip in bars and slings for all sorts of stretches and inversions. There were other things too: blocks, blankets, mats, even Nerf balls! Today, while I still appreciate the props available at Sunrise, I’m more impressed by the teachers and how knowledgeable they are – they really make the studio a great place. All I can say is that every teacher I’ve worked with at Sunrise has been excellent. They teach effectively, they emphasize safety and they quickly learn the unique needs of each student.

After five years, this is what has kept me returning to Sunrise: teachers who know so much and teach so well.

Toby Gordon

“I can’t tell you how much I look forward to my two classes each week at Sunrise Yoga. It’s a great way to exercise your body, mind and spirit in an environment that is safe and nurturing. I love it!”

Larry Schonhofen

“Yoga at Sunrise – first I must say that the instructors at Sunrise are wonderful. They are talented, caring, dedicated to yoga and very knowledgeable. As I continue to get older each year, I find that yoga provides me with being more flexible, more balanced and peace of mind. I can enter the yoga studio with my mind racing with stress from the day and after a class is over, I am relaxed and more energized. In addition to the yoga classes, I love the yoga wall classes and must say that “hanging” upside down is a favorite and one I look forward to during the class. When I win the lottery, one of the first things I would do is to install a yoga wall in my home and attend a yoga class every day at Sunrise Yoga. If you have not visited Sunrise, do so today – you will not be disappointed.”

Kay Miller

There are not enough accolades to describe what an impact it has made on my yoga practice and on my life beyond the mat. The teachers and the students have become my extended family. The quality of the teaching surpasses anything I experienced in my “on and off” yoga classes before I came to Sunrise. Valerie is a joy to have as a teacher and friend. I am learning so much more from her than just how to practice a pose. Even though I have to remind myself constantly, I am learning to “be here now, in this moment” both during yoga class and in my everyday life. I am learning to accept where I am “now” in my practice rather than worrying about where I want to be ( even though I do still lament the fact that I can’t yet do a handstand). I am noticing a decrease in the aches and pains I used to have. My flexibility has increased as well as by balance. I take most of my classes from Valerie, but I wouldn’t miss Dave’s Sunday afternoon class and Kim’s Wednesday Yoga Wall Class. I have been addicted to the Wall ever since Valerie had it installed and now we have a weekly class to practice poses with the support of the wall and the straps…great fun!! I have lost count of the number of years I’ve been a yoga student here, but I think this is my fifth year, and as long as I am able to walk, I will be coming to class at Sunrise Yoga.

Nancy Drugan

Feel at Peacce

Sunrise Yoga Studio is the best in the Triad! It is a place where you can learn and practice yoga in a warm, friendly, fun, noncompetitive and accepting manner. All of the teachers are extremely skilled and well-trained. Sunrise Yoga Studio offers a variety of classes; such as beginner classes, flow classes, restorative classes, and meditation classes. Sunrise Yoga Studio has yoga walls and if you have never used them, you don’t know what you are missing! If you are interested in exploring yoga in depth, there is the teacher training program. I have been coming here for over 10 years and I love it. It is my home away from home. Whenever I walk through the door, I immediately feel at peace. Give yourself a gift and come to Sunrise Yoga Studio.

Fran Gordon

Community Spirit

After a few years of trying a yoga practice at home using books and videos I decided to try a class at Sunrise Yoga in 2005. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Being in a class with excellent instructors opened me up to what yoga is really about. In addition to bringing more flexibility to my aging body it brought a mind/body awareness that has greatly improved my life. Over the years I have found that each instructor at Sunrise has something slightly different to offer in how they teach and what I gain from being in class with them. I took a break from classes for about 4 years due to a change in my work schedule. During that time I sorely missed it. I began to develop migraine headaches. I found I would practice erratically at home without the motivation of being in class regularly. When I returned to class in 2011 in a few short weeks I was feeling more balanced mentally and physically. I have not had a migraine since then; if that were the only benefit I would be in class every week but it is really so much more that keeps me in class. It's the community and spirit as well that makes up Sunrise Yoga as well.

Tereia Cook-Shirley

No Better Place

Having studied yoga at Sunrise Yoga in Clemmons for many years, I can truly say that you won’t find a better place in the Triad to begin or advance your yoga practice.

The teachers are experienced, caring and encouraging. The students are friendly and always welcoming to new visitors. If you’ve ever considered yoga and questioned if it might be right for you, this is the perfect place to check it out. A variety of classes are offered – from beginner to advanced.

I recommend trying a class at Sunrise Yoga as soon as you can – you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Susan Vaughan

After my treatments for breast cancer, I thought, what do I do now? I went to the meetings at Cancer Services to be with people that had traveled the same road as me. Kim was at one of the meetings and did some yoga with us…I thought…this is what’s next. The fact that Kim was also a survivor and explained how much yoga had helped her emotionally and physically, I went to one of her classes. I also took two of my friends, thinking it would fun to do this together. I am now a “gentle yoga” student, going on two years. We have such a good time. Our class is small and we all know each other. Kim is great; she has to be to put up with me!!!

Shirley Pfaff

“The impact Yoga has made in my life is tremendous. After 2.5 years of taking classes at Sunrise, I can’t imagine my life without yoga. I use so much of what I have learned on a daily basis at work, at home…everywhere. I have reduced my stress levels considerably from the practice of yoga and have made many new friends too. Yoga is my ‘be kind to me’ activity and I’m so glad I found it and the wonderful teachers at Sunrise Yoga.”

Katie Kenney

Class is Relaxed

Sunrise Yoga studio has the perfect atmosphere for yoga. It is warm and welcoming to new students, providing many introductory classes and workshops. More experienced students can pursue their practice at their own pace, choosing from 3 different levels of advanced classes, frequent workshop and teacher training courses. All of the instructors are well-trained and can adapt poses for individual students’ needs. The studio itself is always clean and well-stocked with props.

The atmosphere in class is relaxed and congenial. We talk and laugh during class, even while concentrating on our poses. Once you’ve become a “regular”, you’ll come to consider your fellow students as friends. I have come to think of them as my “yoga family.” They’ve helped me through some difficult times, sometimes without them knowing it. I look forward to my classes each week, not just for the physical practice, but for getting together with a great group of friends.

Having been a student at Sunrise for 8 years, I have seen the long-term effects of my yoga practice. I have become much more “body-aware”, listening to my body and avoiding injury by backing away from pushing too hard in a pose. Mentally, I have become calmer and less agitated by the small things that used to aggravate me. As I approach menopause, I have remained strong and flexible. A series of yoga poses has gotten me through some of the not-so-good side effects of the hormonal changes that are beginning in my body. And I know that yoga’s physical and mental benefits will also help me get through menopause with grace and patience.”

Liz Redding

Great instructors

I have been going to classes at Sunrise since March 2014. I have been to different classes with different teachers. It has been fun to explore the approaches that each teacher takes. I am able to take pieces from one teacher about alignment and use it in another teacher’s class. All the instructors pay attention to alignment and walk around the room to assist the yogis. I now realize how important the breath work and meditation are to help relax me every day.

Susan Vaden

Sunrise Yoga has been so rewarding for me. I love the classes and hate it when I can’t get there. Each teacher is unique and talented in their own way and provide safe, insightful information to the class as we learn and grow together. I must add, I have the “loudest” creaky knees in the room, which has contributed to some humorous moments in Yoga class. I love the calming effect of yoga and learning how to clear my mind and be in the moment. Thank you for your friendly, fun, community atmosphere.

Edie Amerando

Yoga Wall

Last week I attended Cathy Howe's back care class. Most of the participants were fairly new to yoga and had not used the Yoga Wall. After a few Yoga Wall stretches, Cathy asked if the class wanted to try hanging from the Wall. She patiently and carefully walked the group through step by step. Everyone hung comfortably. I was so impressed with Cathy's teaching method and the care with which she led this pose.

Ronnie Valenti


I am amazed at the quality and diversity of each of the yoga teachers at Sunrise Yoga Studio. I appreciate each teacher’s approach. I particularly like meditation readings that many read before and after a class.

Since I have had upper back issues from working as a physical therapist for over 40 years, yoga has helped me regain strength in many muscle groups since I retired. I also appreciate the stretching, even the calf stretches.

Thank you to the teachers for taking the time to correct posture and modify positions for those yogis who need guidance.

One of the most beneficial aspects for me has been improvement in my mental health.

Thank you to all staff.



I've been to other yoga studios and experienced many other yoga instructors, but I have never been involved with a group of more knowledgeable, caring, experienced yogis. Sunrise Yoga Studio has classes for everyone at every energy and skill level. Classes are fun, challenging and supportive. My sports medicine doctor is amazed at the strength and flexibility I've developed. Love my Sunrise Yoga Studio!



Sunrise Yoga Studio has been a godsend. In mid-March, I was suffering with a major infectious illness. I was on strong medication for a couple of weeks. This left me weak and having balance issues. Since beginning to practice yoga at Sunrise Yoga Studio, I am becoming stronger. My health has greatly improved. Each and every instructor has been patient and caring to me, and I am eternally grateful to them all.