“Having studied yoga at Sunrise Yoga in Clemmons for many years, I can truly say that you won’t find a better place in the Triad to begin or advance your yoga practice.

The teachers are experienced, caring and encouraging. The students are friendly and always welcoming to new visitors. If you’ve ever considered yoga and questioned if it might be right for you, this is the perfect place to check it out. A variety of classes are offered – from beginner to advanced.

I recommend trying a class at Sunrise Yoga as soon as you can – you’ll wonder why you waited so long.”

– Susan Vaughan

“I began practicing yoga at a friend’s suggestion because of the migraine headaches from which I suffered. Yoga greatly diminished the occurrences and over time eliminated them. If I could wish anything it would be for more people to know the benefits of yoga. Under the caring instruction of the yoga teachers at Sunrise Yoga, one has the opportunity to learn about herself/himself through the practice of yoga poses and yoga principles. It’s not religion in and of itself, but so much more as yoga enhances one’s own beliefs. The benefits go well beyond the physical. The choice to practice and learn about yoga is invaluable to me.”

– Cindy Wald

“Sunrise Yoga Studio is the best in the Triad! It is a place where you can learn and practice yoga in a warm, friendly, fun, noncompetitive and accepting manner. All of the teachers are extremely skilled and well-trained. Sunrise Yoga Studio offers a variety of classes; such as beginner classes, flow classes, restorative classes, and meditation classes. Sunrise Yoga Studio has yoga walls and if you have never used them, you don’t know what you are missing! If you are interested in exploring yoga in depth, there is the teacher training program. I have been coming here for over 10 years and I love it. It is my home away from home. Whenever I walk through the door, I immediately feel at peace. Give yourself a gift and come to Sunrise Yoga Studio.”

– Fran Gordon

“This has been a wonderful experience! I came into the ‘Gentle Yoga’ class knowing very little about yoga and Kim immediately put me and my friend at ease. We were enjoying the class so much we were wanting it to last longer. Everyone at the studio is very friendly and helpful. I was really concerned since I had so little knowledge about yoga and I’m now looking forward to this being a part of my mental and physical health!”

– Kathy Phillips

“I have benefited so much from the classes at Sunrise Yoga that if I ever have to move, proximity to a yoga studio will part of my criteria when choosing a new home.”

– Rebecca Boyd

“Seven years ago, the MS Society and Sunrise Yoga Studio offered class sessions for MS patients to let us see how we would benefit from yoga. I am still attending these classes and they are truly beneficial for me! Many times, I come into

Many times, I come into class using a cane to assist me with walking. I feel so good after class, however, that I have no need to use it as I leave. The many different stretches and moves we do in class help me move, walk and feel more limber. I ALWAYS feel good after class and I would recommend yoga for anyone!

And as an added bonus, I have made many wonderful friends with the other students and the instructors.”

– Vicki Jones

“A few years ago while training with a local cycling team, one of my coaches suggested trying yoga as a way of increasing my flexibility. It seemed like good advice and soon I showed up at Sunrise Yoga Studio to learn the basics. Several benefits were evident almost immediately: my flexibility improved as did my balance and strength. As I continued to do yoga I noticed other benefits as well. Yoga proved to be calming. In a world of ups and downs and high-speed everything, yoga showed me the value of slowing down and paying attention – it added much-needed calm to my daily life.

Back then, when I started taking classes at Sunrise, I was most impressed by how well equipped the studio was. There were special ‘yoga walls’ that allowed you to clip in bars and slings for all sorts of stretches and inversions. There were other things too: blocks, blankets, mats, even Nerf balls! Today, while I still appreciate the props available at Sunrise, I’m more impressed by the teachers and how knowledgeable they are – they really make the studio a great place. All I can say is that every teacher I’ve worked with at Sunrise has been excellent. They teach effectively, they emphasize safety and they quickly learn the unique needs of each student.

After five years, this is what has kept me returning to Sunrise: teachers who know so much and teach so well.”

– Toby Gordon

“I’ve been practicing Yoga for three years and started coming to Sunrise Yoga about nine months ago. From the beginning, I was impressed by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Sunrise. Both students and teachers go out of their way to make new students feel comfortable; I was pleasantly surprised that all the teachers knew my name after my first class with them!

Sunrise offers a wide variety of classes at all levels and classes are offered morning, noon, and night to suit different schedules. Teachers are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable about many aspects of Yoga, from poses to breathing to anatomy. Studio owner Valerie Kiser’s depth and breadth of understanding is especially impressive and her continued pursuit of knowledge sets a great example for the other teachers.

In addition to Yoga classes, Sunrise offers other activities such as Yoga hikes, a Yoga book club, guest teachers/presentations, special workshops, and comprehensive teacher training. There also are custom Yoga walls in each of the two studio rooms, and a comprehensive supply of props, blankets, and mats.

Sunrise is the total package, recently voted the best Yoga studio in Winston-Salem in the Readers Choice Awards annual survey, and deservedly so.”

– Melinda Simmons

“Sunrise Yoga studio has the perfect atmosphere for yoga. It is warm and welcoming to new students, providing many introductory classes and workshops. More experienced students can pursue their practice at their own pace, choosing from 3 different levels of advanced classes, frequent workshop and teacher training courses. All of the instructors are well-trained and can adapt poses for individual students’ needs. The studio itself is always clean and well-stocked with props.

The atmosphere in class is relaxed and congenial. We talk and laugh during class, even while concentrating on our poses. Once you’ve become a “regular”, you’ll come to consider your fellow students as friends. I have come to think of them as my “yoga family.” They’ve helped me through some difficult times, sometimes without them knowing it. I look forward to my classes each week, not just for the physical practice, but for getting together with a great group of friends.

Having been a student at Sunrise for 8 years, I have seen the long-term effects of my yoga practice. I have become much more “body-aware”, listening to my body and avoiding injury by backing away from pushing too hard in a pose. Mentally, I have become calmer and less agitated by the small things that used to aggravate me. As I approach menopause, I have remained strong and flexible. A series of yoga poses has gotten me through some of the not-so-good side effects of the hormonal changes that are beginning in my body. And I know that yoga’s physical and mental benefits will also help me get through menopause with grace and patience.”

– Liz Redding

“Kim’s Gentle Yoga class is fantastic. I tried the Gentle Yoga class because of my back issues. Kim has always been very understanding and helpful with all the different poses, and has suggestions for all kinds of problems or issues we have. For two years now, I have been going to this class and always feel better when I leave. I have learned ways to relax and relief stress, which I did not know that I had.”

– Onnie Pleasant

“I have really enjoyed gentle yoga. I leave class feeling taller and relaxed. Kim is an excellent teacher!”

– Chris Kares

“I am new to yoga and have just finished my second class, but everyone has made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Your studio was recommended to me by two golf friends. They have high praises for how much yoga has helped them in so many ways. I am eager to reap the same benefits!”

– Judy Darby

“As a public school teacher, I understand the value of making students feel comfortable in class. When students feel comfortable and supported, they push themselves to new levels. As a yoga teacher, Sandra Wells makes students feel comfortable in class. The support she gives goes beyond that of a public school teacher, Sandra literally offers support when students need it—in the form of props or alternate poses. She works as a guide for her class, reminding us to practice ahimsa while we push ourselves to try new poses. But it’s not the new poses or the release of tension I feel when I leave class that keeps me coming back, it’s the feeling of comfort and support—the encouragement of Sandra and the rest of my yoga class family.”

– Lara Overby

“After being very ill and having major surgery 5 months ago, my outlook on life changed. I did not want to continue to do the same boring things day after day. I did not what to wake up one morning with regrets for all the things I didn’t do. I recently read an article that said “busting out of your comfort zone can make you healthier and happier”. Yoga is the first thing I have tried that is out of my comfort zone and I am loving every minute of it. I am not only stretching my body but my mind. Thanks to all the great folks at Sunrise Yoga for a great beginning to the second chapter of my life.”

– Carol Keeser

“Classes at Sunrise Yoga have been all that I hoped they would be and more. As a beginning yogi, I had no experience with which to measure the quality of instruction or facility. From time to time another student who has practiced yoga elsewhere will say to me that they think both the facility and the teachers are the best they have ever known. All the teachers I have had here are likable, well trained and helpful.

I had hoped that Yoga at Sunrise would improve my fitness. After almost two and a half years of classes at Sunrise, I KNOW that my muscles are stronger, my posture has improved some (room for more improvement) as has my balance and also flexibility. I look forward to class and have met a great bunch of folks who are also Sunrise students and teachers.

As I age, Yoga at Sunrise keeps a spring in my step.”

– Virginia Lawrence

Here are a few of the things that I have learned since I “met” Sunrise Yoga:

  • You’re never too old, or too fat, or too stiff, or too __________, to start yoga.
  • You will reap benefits that you never could have imagined.
  • Even if you drop out or go somewhere else, you’ll always want to return to the Sunrise experience.
– Elizabeth Sledge

“Yoga at Sunrise – first I must say that the instructors at Sunrise are wonderful. They are talented, caring, dedicated to yoga and very knowledgeable. As I continue to get older each year, I find that yoga provides me with being more flexible, more balanced and peace of mind. I can enter the yoga studio with my mind racing with stress from the day and after a class is over, I am relaxed and more energized. In addition to the yoga classes, I love the yoga wall classes and must say that “hanging” upside down is a favorite and one I look forward to during the class. When I win the lottery, one of the first things I would do is to install a yoga wall in my home and attend a yoga class every day at Sunrise Yoga. If you have not visited Sunrise, do so today – you will not be disappointed.”

– Kay Miller

“The impact Yoga has made in my life is tremendous. After 2.5 years of taking classes at Sunrise, I can’t imagine my life without yoga. I use so much of what I have learned on a daily basis at work, at home…everywhere. I have reduced my stress levels considerably from the practice of yoga and have made many new friends too. Yoga is my ‘be kind to me’ activity and I’m so glad I found it and the wonderful teachers at Sunrise Yoga.”

– Katie Kenney

“I can’t tell you how much I look forward to my two classes each week at Sunrise Yoga. It’s a great way to exercise your body, mind and spirit in an environment that is safe and nurturing. I love it!”

– Larry Schonhofen

“I started yoga classes for the physical benefits. Those benefits have been terrific. Although I am still a novice, I am stronger, more flexible, and my balance and coordination have improved. But there is another benefit that I did not expect; for lack of a better term, I call it focus. I have to pay attention to the poses, to the muscles I am using, to my body’s response to the movements. I have to be “present”. This spills over into the rest of my life. I am paying attention to the moments; I am more centered. Physically, I may never get past level I, but it doesn’t matter. This gift of “focus” surpasses all the physical benefits.”

– Sally Craven

“Sunrise Yoga is my home away from home. I look forward to each and every class. It gives me a social contact I would otherwise not have. At almost 82, I am as limber as I was at 40. Some of that is genetic but a lot is due to yoga. I am ever grateful to Sunrise Yoga!”

– Bee Gwynn

“After my treatments for breast cancer, I thought, what do I do now? I went to the meetings at Cancer Services to be with people that had traveled the same road as me. Kim was at one of the meetings and did some yoga with us…I thought…this is what’s next. The fact that Kim was also a survivor and explained how much yoga had helped her emotionally and physically, I went to one of her classes. I also took two of my friends, thinking it would fun to do this together. I am now a “gentle yoga” student, going on two years. We have such a good time. Our class is small and we all know each other. Kim is great; she has to be to put up with me!!!”

– Shirley Pfaff

“Sunrise Yoga Studio has been one of the greatest gifts of my recent move to the western Piedmont. I’ve attended several levels of classes, with different teachers, and they have all been deeply satisfying. I feel, at once, welcomed into a warm and supportive community and challenged to strengthen and refine my practice. The individualized instruction I have received at Sunrise has given me the confidence to move past perceived limitations in a mindful way. I look forward to continuing to deepen my study of yoga, following the guidance of my lovely teachers.”

– S. Allen

“I am so grateful for Sunrise Yoga. I really never knew how wonderful I could feel (inside and out) after each class. Yoga at Sunrise, with the expert staff, is the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

– Deborah Wesley

“Yoga has been such a great experience for me. My mom forced me to go to one of the free classes during the winter and since then I have been hooked. The staff is so attentive and ensures that each pose is comfortable and does modifications as necessary. I have been to other yoga classes and have never had an experience like Sunrise Yoga. Now that I am pregnant I plan to continue attending yoga classes on a regular basis to stay relaxed and fit. Yoga helps me stay in the moment and not dwell on things that are going on at work. Thank you for everything that you and your staff do every day!”

– Chelsea Newman

“There are not enough accolades to describe what an impact it has made on my yoga practice and on my life beyond the mat. The teachers and the students have become my extended family. The quality of the teaching surpasses anything I experienced in my “on and off” yoga classes before I came to Sunrise. Valerie is a joy to have as a teacher and friend. I am learning so much more from her than just how to practice a pose. Even though I have to remind myself constantly, I am learning to “be here now, in this moment” both during yoga class and in my everyday life. I am learning to accept where I am “now” in my practice rather than worrying about where I want to be ( even though I do still lament the fact that I can’t yet do a handstand). I am noticing a decrease in the aches and pains I used to have. My flexibility has increased as well as by balance. I take most of my classes from Valerie, but I wouldn’t miss Dave’s Sunday afternoon class and Kim’s Wednesday Yoga Wall Class. I have been addicted to the Wall ever since Valerie had it installed and now we have a weekly class to practice poses with the support of the wall and the straps…great fun!! I have lost count of the number of years I’ve been a yoga student here, but I think this is my fifth year, and as long as I am able to walk, I will be coming to class at Sunrise Yoga.”

– Nancy Drugan

“Being Present in the Moment: I am so glad to hear this phrase in every class I take at Sunrise Yoga Studio. Even after 7 plus years of classes, it is the first thing I should remember, but it is also the first thing I forget! A big “ah-ha” moment for me happened on my way home from class one night. That night we happened to be working on four point staff pose (which I haven’t mastered yet) and I remember thinking “I hate this pose”, I may have even said it out loud. Then I realized I didn’t hate the pose, only the fact that I couldn’t do the full pose! I let that thought ruin any enjoyment or benefits of my practice because I wasn’t present in the moment. It seems strange to make yourself practice being present in the moment, just as you would practice a pose. I have learned that the benefits from practicing both are many! Probably why my weekly class is the fastest 90 minutes of my week!”

– Holly White

“Sunrise Yoga has been so rewarding for me. I love the classes and hate it when I can’t get there. Each teacher is unique and talented in their own way and provide safe, insightful information to the class as we learn and grow together. I must add, I have the “loudest” creaky knees in the room, which has contributed to some humorous moments in Yoga class. I love the calming effect of yoga and learning how to clear my mind and be in the moment. Thank you for your friendly, fun, community atmosphere.”

– Edie Amerando

“Sunrise Yoga Studio is not like other places to “do yoga”. At Sunrise, it’s like belonging to a healthy extended family. The yoga is amazing and my personal favorite is the amazing yoga wall that allows me to try and do poses that would be impossible without this support. I have deepened my practice and learned much more about yoga at Sunrise. My body is stronger and feels younger even as I age. My health has improved and I just can’t say enough about Valerie. To say she is a talented teacher doesn’t even begin to explain her attention to detail in poses, her constant striving to add more and deeper understanding of yogic principles for her students and most of all her own countenance. Valerie is a caring, kind, hardworking and gifted teacher who embodies all that makes Sunrise Yoga the place that you want to keep coming back too.”

– Gail Curtis

“I have found my practice at Sunrise Yoga to be a wonderful and safe way to continue rehab after extensive shoulder surgery a few months ago. While recuperating from surgery and undergoing daily physical therapy sessions, I was able to utilize the breathing techniques I had learned at Sunrise Yoga to significantly ease the pain…my therapist even commented on my breathing and how well I tolerated the post-surgery exercises! Interestingly, many of my therapy exercises and yoga poses have been very similar. Valerie is very knowledgeable regarding anatomy and physiology so I have felt comfortable and confident in trying to “re-learn” the once-easy poses.

Yoga practice at the Sunrise studio is enabling me to make a quicker, safer, and more complete recovery. This is important to me since my job as an environmental specialist entails lots of outdoor hiking and climbing while carrying equipment. I’m so appreciative to the instructors for their encouragement as I work to regain my strength, range-of-motion, and balance. A sincere thanks to Valerie and the staff at Sunrise Yoga.”

– Melissa Rosebrock

“I am 28 years old and have had 10 years of back pain due to gymnastics injury. I have been going to Sunrise Yoga studio for 1 year now and have noticed a huge difference in my pain level. Valerie, the Sunrise Yoga studio owner, as well as the other instructors at Sunrise, are amazing! They are all very knowledgeable of my injury and help me adapt each of the yoga poses for it. Not only has yoga been beneficial in my back pain, but also my life. Yoga is not just something you do for few hours a week, but it is life changing in your personal life as well! If you have never tried yoga before you should definitely try Sunrise Yoga Studio in Clemmons, NC! I guarantee that you will love it!”

– Dawn O’Reilly

“As a Physical Therapist, and as a new Mom, I really wanted to find an activity where I could “get away” and do something good for myself. Yoga is an excellent way to build strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation into your day. I encourage my patients that ANYONE can do yoga, no matter your age or activity level. The people at Sunrise Yoga are so friendly and welcoming. This has been a great choice to find my ‘me time’!”

– Kristie Parker

“I have been studying with Valerie for almost 10 years, since before Sunrise Yoga first opened its doors. As a longstanding Tuesday night practitioner, it has been great to see the Sunrise community grow, change and excel.

The most important concept that I have learned from yoga is ‘ahimsa’ [the principle meaning ‘non-harming’]. It is so easy these days to get too busy, set unrealistic expectations and to get caught up in the rush that we are really getting to the point of being detrimental to ourselves. Slowing down and realizing that less is better is a difficult task. Valerie often will tell us that we should approach a pose gently and that moving ‘any amount’ is our goal for the moment.

I have tried to apply doing ‘any amount’ in the other facets of my life. That may even mean that I may miss a class for other responsibilities or that I may not get the book read for book club but I keep trying.

To me, ahimsa is not only a concept of avoiding harm but also one of accepting life as it is, and trying to make the best choice in each moment to bring a calm positive force into my life.”

– Deirdre Bland

Comment for the “Yoga Arms & Abs” home practice audio CD for sale:
“I don’t know about anybody else but it can be tough to initiate and maintain a good home yoga practice. I tried the “Abs and Arms” CD from Sunrise Yoga Studios and instantly fell in love. Not only is there two 30 minute practices, it is all the poses that we tell ourselves we need to practice. I find it easy to integrate into my day and have been using this CD in the mornings before work. There is an advantage of it being a CD instead of a DVD. I have attempted to practice with DVDs but have a hard time turning my head while trying to do the pose because the DVD does not give enough detailed instructions. This CD however, makes it easy to just focus on your practice because there are clear meticulous instructions and Valerie Kiser’s expertise to guide you. After just two days of integrating one of the 30-minute sessions into my mornings, I was able to hold poses longer and bring the skills into practice in the classroom.”

– Christy McClure

“I have been very pleased with all level of classes. All of the instructors that I have taken classes with seem very knowledgeable and dedicated to teaching (teachers-in-training included!). I have found that all of you guys have your own teaching styles, yet you all are excellent instructors!”

– Peggy Danka

“I find that as long as I do a yoga practice 3 times a week I eliminate any back or body pain. I don’t know if this will work for others but I have tried everything from acupuncture to massage therapy and the yoga is the one thing that helps me the most. Valerie you are heaven sent for me! Thanks for all you do. To me you are the greatest!”

– Jayne Sharpe

“Thank you so much for providing such a lovely space in which your students can practice. You are a wonderful asset to our community and I highly value the time I get to spend at Sunrise Yoga. I sing the praises of you and your studio to anyone who will listen and I feel that if I can pass along the story of my experience it may brighten someone else’s life.”

– Amy Reynolds

“I have been taking classes at Sunrise since January, and the very first night of class, another student told me that the studio was a ‘very easy place just to be’. I have found her statement to be very fitting of the staff, students, and classes here. Participating in classes at Sunrise has provided a steady flow of ‘ah-ha’ moments and I find that my spirit is less restless these days as a result of applying what Valerie has taught both with her words and actions.”

– Christy Hamrick

“I really didn’t think I could take yoga because I have limited range of motion in my right hip, but I loved the concept of connecting body and mind. I wanted to give it a try. After some physical therapy in which I did gain a little bit of flexibility I was encouraged. Fortunately, a friend had taken classes with Valerie and said she was gentle and very understanding, so I took the plunge and signed up. It has been really beneficial for me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Learning how to stand up straight, how to breathe for relaxation, and having a scheduled time for meditation have all helped me feel better, and meanwhile, I have also gained strength and some flexibility. I may never be photographed for Yoga Journal, but who knows? Maybe I will! Valerie and her classes have been such a blessing for me.”

– Lisa Wishon

“I started taking yoga for my back. I have scoliosis, and after having two surgeries (one to put rods in and one to take them out) my back muscles were incredibly tight and weak. I was desperate to find something that would help to stretch my muscles out and increase my flexibility (which is nearly non-existent). Yoga has helped do just that; I am able to get through a day without lots of pain, and I can stretch more than before. Yoga has also helped me be more aware of my body and its uniqueness. Even though my poses don’t look like most people’s, I am learning what they should look like for my body.”

– Vicki Johnson

“A co-worker of mine recently commented that I have become much more centered. I attribute this fully to yoga. I have regained flexibility that I had lost. What surprised me was the physical strength that I am gaining. I just love it!”

– Susanne Mincey

“My initial attraction to yoga was the gains in flexibility I thought I could have. I quickly found that the benefits of yoga were much more than bending over to touch my toes. Yes, I have had great gains in increased flexibility, increased strength, and improved fitness levels. But more importantly, I have gained an overall sense of well-being and an improvement to my quality of life. The mental benefits have included the ability to treat myself compassionately which was the turning point for me to get a handle on my depression and weight issues.

I view myself and others more compassionately. I am less competitive and don’t set myself up for failure by comparing myself to others anymore. I have less frustration overall in my life due to the internal focus I have found. I take better care of myself; I sleep better; I eat better all due to the turning point of taking yoga classes. For the first time in my life, I am comfortable with myself from the outside in and from the inside out.”

– Jolynn Lloyd

“At 87, my mother has arthritis in her back and knees and was beginning to stop doing things because of her pain. Having always been an active and independent person, she had begun to get depressed about her health situation. Since working with Valerie at Sunrise Yoga and beginning water aerobics, she gets up and down from a seated position with much less effort. Her balance and posture have both improved, and she is stronger overall. And, most importantly, she has a better attitude about her health – she is learning to accept the things she cannot change and work on the things she can.”

– Liz Redding: about her mother, Anne

“Yoga has been a whole refocusing for me. It has led me to an inner peace I didn’t think I’d have as a cancer survivor.”

– Joanne Jacovec

“Yoga is a gift that I give myself. I’ve said that yoga came and found me, instead of the other way around. I’ve been learning about and practicing yoga for only about 9 months, and I often wish I’d begun as a much younger person. However, I think it’s likely that in my 20’s or 30’s I wouldn’t have been ready to learn the lessons that yoga has for me now, a woman in my 50’s.

The physical practice challenges my body to, literally, reach new goals. I’m learning to be much more aware of my physical strengths, as well as my limits, and to work towards finding that “aha!” moment in each pose when I discover that I really can go just a little further, just a little more – make a seemingly insignificant adjustment in position and really feel the change in my body in the pose.

My physical practice has led me to look at places within myself, too. At the beginning of class as we center our bodies and minds, and in closing as we are in Savasana, being intentional about quieting my mind and being “in the moment” is such a valuable, even precious, time for me. That beginning centering practice allows me to slow down my physical body long enough to listen to what’s going on inside my head and begin to get back in touch with my inner self. Then, to be able to quiet the noise of all the stresses, problems, and demands of the day, to feel them almost float away, and to begin to get in touch with what’s really in my heart – that’s what my yoga practice is giving, and teaching, me.”

– Karen Kimbrell

“I started taking yoga classes for the stress-relieving benefits. But once I got into it, I quickly found that my strength and flexibility improved. The strength gains surprised me most of all…I thought I had to go to the gym to lift weights to gain strength. But I now feel stronger than I did when I was going to the gym 3 days per week.

I also feel centered and in touch with myself. I have been able to achieve things mentally and physically that I didn’t know I could achieve. The classes are held in a fun and relaxed environment. There is no pressure and no competition. The studio provides a serene, relaxed place after a stressful day. Each class provides an hour and a half of focusing on myself that I don’t get to experience any other time during my hectic day.”

– Lorri Livengood

“My kids were in the high school band, so you can imagine how many band concerts I sat through. The bleachers are hard, uncomfortable, and without back support. Normally, I would shift around for 2 hours during a concert with back and backside pain. After having been a student of yoga for some time, I sat through my first concert without any discomfort and with good posture. Why do I take yoga classes? because I like the way it makes me feel.”

– Denise Holmes

“My husband says I am happier after yoga class.”

– Diane Battles

“I have regained flexibility I had lost from running 3-4 days per week. From working with my aging parents, I have learned the importance of staying flexible throughout life. I have also improved my body alignment with activities such as weeding in the garden and picking up heavy objects.”

– Kay Triplett

“Although I have not been an athletic person, yoga classes are easy to follow and give me a good workout. I am much more aware of my posture, and learning good body alignment and mechanics has made gardening easier. I am more balanced with daily activities: for example, I am conscious of not overusing my right arm to carry groceries. The biggest change I’ve experienced from yoga is sleeping much better. Even when I do have nights where I struggle to fall asleep, I practice a breathing technique I learned in class that puts me right to sleep!”

– Holly White

“Yoga gives me a complete sense of well-being. The practice in yoga of focusing the mind is very helpful. When I find that my thoughts are no longer jumping around in Savasana (corpse pose), for example, it feels good to not be a worry-wart for a change. The classes have been a fully positive experience. I enjoy that I can do my best at my own level and not compare myself to others in the class. I leave feeling positive about life: the problems are still there, but I can handle them better. I feel like the classes are tailored to me: Each class is adapted to who is there that day.”

– Steve Gonzales

“Yoga is the ultimate act of self-love. My yogic practice colors and textures every aspect of my life, allowing me to remain calm, and peaceful, and caring in a world that is often hectic, and noisy, and uncaring. When people ask me what my secret is, I tell them it’s no secret and it’s no mystery; it’s yoga!”

– Judy Isaksen

“I sleep better, have better posture, am more patient with people, and have learned how to breathe correctly. Sometimes I’ll think about not going to class because I’m too tired or too busy, but then 5 minutes into class I am soooo thankful I came!”

– Kristina Myers

“I can always tell a difference between the nights I go to yoga class and the nights I don’t. I sleep so much better after yoga.”

– Linda Taylor

“It is a great stress relief. I have increased range of motion in my joints with yoga. I feel that my movements are comfortable and not ‘locked’. Yoga has helped emotionally and spiritually. I am aware of my movements and alignment more. It helps me relax during the day when I am most tense.”

– Lynne Sandler

“I have found a supportive, caring community at Sunrise Yoga. I don’t feel anonymous and have gotten to know people here. I have always felt comfortable here and enjoy the smaller classes with personal attention. I try to use the relaxation and breathing techniques that I learned in class in daily life as well. My shoulder problems from a year and a half ago are much improved. I have become very aware of her posture and body alignment; I am more aware of places in my body where I carry tension. And I am even more aware of balancing movements in daily life so that I am not always right-dominant.”

– Nancy Thornburg

“I have a bone density scan done every two years. During this last two year period, the only change I made was to start weekly yoga classes. I just got the results back from the test, and my bone density actually increased from two years ago! I attribute that to the weight bearing and strength-building yoga poses I’ve been doing.”

– Susan Barker

“Steve [her husband] and I have both really appreciated having you as an instructor. You have such patience for those of us who are new to yoga but want to learn! By example, you teach all aspects of yoga.”

– Judy Kennedy

“I think the biggest benefit to me is the flexibility. I tend to get very tight in my quads, hamstrings, and upper back when riding my bicycle. As much as I know better, I just don’t work on my flexibility very much on my own. Going to a class, especially one like yours, where we really focus on position and relaxation into stretches has been wonderful for my overall flexibility, addressing some issues I was beginning to have with my quads, and generally getting me to relax. The other thing that I am beginning to notice is a balancing of antagonist muscles. I think that most people tend to overdevelop one set of muscles which leads to injury. Yoga is helping me with this.”

– Lynn Berry

“As a teacher and belly dancing performer, I find that dancing and yoga work together very well. They make each other better through the flexibility, balance, and coordination I gain from each of them.”

– Teresa Dickerson

“The biggest benefit that I have received from being in the class is the increased flexibility. Prior to participating in the class, I had reoccurring back problems (pain, stiffness, etc.) especially after longer or more intense bicycle rides. While I occasionally still have some problems, they are not nearly as frequent. In addition, there are a lot of exercises that we do in class that I can use outside of class if I do have problems. I would definitely say the class has helped.”

– Michael Berry

“Yoga is such a part of who I am now, it’s like breathing – I couldn’t do without it. The first time that I noticed the specific benefits of yoga, I was at work and bent over to pick up something off the floor. When I sat back upright, I realized that I wasn’t in pain from that movement. I had been taking classes for only about 4 months.”

– Lori Belton

“I absolutely love the atmosphere at your studio. It’s about personal experience, growth, community and triumph in the practice. Thanks again for such a great place to come.”

– Katie Sellers

“After practicing yoga once a week for the past 7 weeks, I have already noticed a difference in my posture and I feel stronger in my back. I am a cyclist, and I notice this improvement in that I can ride more in the drops of the bike without discomfort.”

– John Myrick

“If I don’t take time to care for myself, I don’t care for my family very well. Yoga has helped me deal with some anger management issues and I have a better attitude. Valerie, I’m glad I found you! You have helped me to think about things in a different way and taught me how to deal with stress by using things I learn in class!”

– Karen Eagleston

“Yoga saved me! It saved my ballet and aerobics ravaged joints, restoring flexibility I thought was gone forever. It helped me manage stress, lower my blood pressure and lose weight.”

– Cheryl Wiegert

“When I first started going to yoga I had many of the same misconceptions as a lot of people. I thought of yoga as a lot of meditation and chanting and definitely something that I would not be interested in pursuing; however, my friend talked me into going and I fell in love immediately!! I have suffered from severe allergies and awful migraine headaches for many years and was hoping to find some form of a stress reliever that would help me cope with the migraines. Very shortly after start yoga, I noticed a reduction in the number of migraines I was experiencing as well as overall less stress and muscle tension.

After several months of practicing at least twice a week, summer came, vacations started, and my life got increasingly busy. I decided that I needed to take a break until I had more time…HUGE mistake!!!! After only a couple of weeks without it, I noticed my headaches gradually increasing in frequency, intensity, and duration. I kept putting off going back to yoga by making excuses like “I want to wait until I know I can go every week” or “I still have too much going on” or “I just can’t afford it right now.” Well, I found out that I couldn’t afford NOT to go after a weekend long migraine that left me basically incapacitated. The next Monday I returned to yoga and have immediately seen a decrease in my overall stress levels and once again a drastic reduction in my headaches. For anyone who makes excuses about why not to try yoga…remember that no matter how tired you are, how little extra time you have, or how short you are on money…you simply cannot afford not to take care of yourself!!”

– Tatia Wooten