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You’ll Find Peace and Calm in Our Yoga Studio

Often yoga is thought of in terms of “holding positions”, “staying in poses” or “maintaining balance”.  At Sunrise Yoga, yoga is anything but static and non-transforming! Our mission is to promote yoga as a lifelong process by providing opportunities and facilities for experience and development in a culture of community. We believe this process can be entered by anyone at any time, regardless of age or fitness level, and, as our name implies, we encourage each person to daily engage in this process as the relationship with yoga is explored. Wherever you are in your process, we invite you to join us at Sunrise Yoga Studio to experience growth, balance and peace!

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What is Yoga All About?

Yoga is More than Fitness

Our yoga students quickly discover a positive shift in how their bodies function and feel, along with a new found sense of living in the world with more grace and ease.

Yoga Has a Place for Everyone

Every student, regardless of age, size, physical ability or limitations, can find a rewarding place on the mat.

Choose Your Level of Involvement

If your interest is a changed body, your yoga practice can deliver. If you want to explore yoga philosophy to achieve a peaceful and satisfying lifestyle, we offer events to help you reach your goals.

Why choose Sunrise Yoga?

The Best Yoga Teachers

We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching staff.  Every instructor is highly trained and committed to providing a yoga experience that is engaging, authentic and fun for every student.

Excellent Variety of Yoga Classes

Classes at Sunrise Yoga are designed to accommodate the wide variety of students who are drawn to yoga. The brand new student will quickly feel at home while the more advanced student can find the challenges they seek.

Our Yoga Studio Provides Everything You Need

At Sunrise Yoga, we provide everything needed for a safe and comfortable yoga experience, including yoga mats.

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