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Health Benefits Our New Yoga Students Enjoy

If you are considering beginning the practice of yoga and taking advantage of our special offer, you may have many expectations about what our yoga classes can do for you. Besides the social nature of being in a class environment, you may also notice changes in how you feel and in your overall wellbeing. Here are a few of the physical benefits of yoga classes:

  • Increased Flexibility- Students often report they can do things easily that they may have struggled with in the past.
  • Increased Strength- Our yoga classes will work your muscles in a way that will create a more toned body and provide increased muscle strength.
  • Improved Lung Function- Deep breathing is a component of yoga that proves helpful at improving lung function and also boosting energy and vitality.
  • Reduction of Back Pain- If you suffer from chronic back pain, it can prove helpful to strengthen your core muscles so that less stress is put on your skeletal structure.
  • Improved Circulation- Enjoy improved circulation and cardiovascular health with regular yoga classes.
  • Improved Balance- The various techniques used in yoga classes are ideal for improving your ability to do things that require balance.

Our yoga classes can also be beneficial for other ways to improve your quality of life. There is evidence that supports a reduction in symptoms in chronic and life-threatening illnesses, as well as easing fatigue, mood swings, depression, sleep issues, migraines, and supporting healthy eating habits. We can’t promise you’ll experience all these benefits when you take part in our yoga classes, but we are confident you will see a marked change in your overall wellbeing. Contact us today to get started with yoga classes to put you on the road to mindfulness and health.

We have a special offer for new students!

30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for $30

We recommend all new students buy our low-priced unlimited 30 days of yoga on your first visit to our studio. It’s a great bargain! For less than the price of 2 drop-in classes, you can attend daily practice in all on-going, scheduled classes for 30 consecutive days. This does exclude “series” classes and special events.

Please observe the following policies: No Sharing, No Refunds, No Extensions, Activation Occurs once first class is taken.

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